The Age Regression YCH I ran for ARApril. Four strangers find themselves turned into babies by a super villain attacking the city. But with the powers granted to them by a strange fairy they just might be able to fight back despite their diminutive state.




Super Cubs

By Calex The Neko


The city of Anytown USA!


Is under attack!


“Ahhhhh ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa!” The Evil Raccoon Frinkel let out a laugh as she flew around the city in a giant trilby hat. As she rode atop it she held a PDA up in the air pointing it at various citizens before firing a strange beam of energy. She rounded a corner on her hat and managed to immediately corner a black cat who was wearing a simple belt.


“Gah!” The cat named Myst backed away from the raccoon but soon found himself with his back against the wall of a brick building. “What even is going on!?”


“I’m glad you asked!” Frinkel spoke in a very obviously faked British accent. Why? Because she believed it made her sound more evil. She leaned forward over the edge of her hat and stared down at the cat. “You see it started earlier today when I used that phone app to call for a car. Well the person showed up to pick me up in a giant trilby. Anyway, for various reasons we don’t need to go into they’re too young to legally drive. So I guess I have a giant flying hat. And I’m pretty sure it’s a rule that when you have a giant flying hat you have to take over the world. So I figured I’d start with the city and attack city hall. Turns out there’s a clause written into our town charter that if you capture the mayor you become the new leader of the town. Strange no one has ever used it before now.”


“That’s… A lot of info…” Myst slowly felt himself switching from being terrified to more annoyed.


“So anyway right!” Frinkel smiled. “I’m on my way to take over City Hall! And I was like well, what do you know this makes me a right up super villain now yes it does. And I realized if I was going to do this, I had to do this proper. And a real super villain wouldn’t just walk into town hall and zap the mayor. They’d have a proper good rampage before they did it!”


“Seriously why are you telling me all this?” Myst sighed.


“Because I’ve been rampaging all morning and I haven’t gotten to get a single evil monologue in!” Frinkel whined as she sat back on her hat. “That’s like the number one reason anyone goes into villainy! Giving monologues that is! And yet I haven’t gotten to do one till now! Felt pretty good actually.”


“Any chance that means I can go free?” Myst smiled.


“Not a chance.” Frinkel pointed her PDA at Myst as if it was a remote. She pressed a button and a beam fired out from it striking the black cat.


“MROOOOOOOWL!” Suddenly the black cat shrunk towards the ground. His belt fell off his dwindling body as he collapsed down onto all fours. His features softened, tail grew shorter, and in a few moments he couldn’t be older than a single month old. “Meooooooooooooow!”


“Oh wow maybe had the setting too high.” Frinkel shrugged. “I mean I was planning to take over the world with the whole turn everyone into babies thing, but I figured I’d leave you old enough to still play properly and stuff. I’m not a monster! And world conquests should be fun for everyone involved!”


At this point Frinkel turned to leave… Or at least pulled a lever to direct the hat backwards. As she backed around the corner she paused as she noticed two humans who were attempting to hide behind a mailbox. One of them was brown haired, wearing glasses, a sweater and jeans. The other was older, in his thirties and walked with a cane. He also wore glasses, but had black hair, was a bit older and dressed in jeans and shirt.


“Oh good!” Frinkel flashed a smile. “You two hold still! I want to test if I have the setting right!”


“Shoot!” The black haired boy named Zeelo shouted. “She saw us!”


“Run for it!” The other one named Koda cried. The two quickly tried to run out from behind the mailbox and take off down the sidewalk. Koda was a much slower runner. He had a brace on one leg and walked with a cane trying to hobble as fast as he could.


“Aw come on!” Frinkel whined. “I just asked you not to move!” She pointed her PDA at Koda first and pulled the trigger. The same laser struck out and struck the man directly in his back. The effects took place immediately.


“Waaah!” Koda gave a shout as his clothing started to bagging on him. He tripped over his pants leg running and rolled onto the ground. His pants and shoes fell right off his body as he rolled for a few more feet before coming right out of his shirt. Now naked, he tried to stand back up. It was possible, but at two years old his body was too awkward to run properly.


“Oh… That looked bad…” Zeelo came to a stop and stared in horror at the de-aged Koda.


“Don’t worry! Had the ray adjusted right this time! And soon he’ll have a playmate!” Frinkel shouted before pointing the ray at Zeelo and fired.


“Ugggh!” Zeelo was soon under the same effects. He shrunk into his clothes and disappeared as his glasses fell to the ground. A large lump moved around beneath his shirt for a few seconds before the now two year old Zeelo managed to crawl out from beneath it.


“You know this is quite fun…” Frinkel smiled. “I wonder why I never tried this before.” She prepared to leave again only to turn around and find a fourth potential victim.


It was a griffin, with brown fur and feathers and dressed in business attire. A pair of stumpy wings stuck out of his back, too small and useless to fly. His name was Nick, and he was holding a brown paper bag in his hand.


“Um…” Nick dropped the bag as he stared at the sight. “I was just going to have lunch outside today and-“


“Wonderful idea!” Frinkel interrupted him. “And don’t forget to lay down for nap time after!” And with that she fired the PDA’s beam at the griffin dooming him to the same fate as the other toddlers.


Nick let out a yelp as he began to shrink. His business attire soon becoming too clumsy as he fell to the ground. Just like the two humans before him the griffin was reduced to a mere two years old.


“W-what!?” Nick managed to ask not quite registering what had happened to him as he struggled to untangle himself from his giant clothes.


“You… You can’t just do this to us!” Koda tried to protest. He then paused and blushed realizing his current lack of dress and tried to cover himself.


“I mean I just did…” Frinkel looked confused at the statement. “So… That’s factually incorrect.”


“But why?” Zeelo demanded as he tried to cover himself with the edge of his shirt.


“If you must know, it’s because I’m a super villain now.” Frinkel shrugged. “It’s what we do.”


“A villain?” Nick the griffin’s eyes widened as he heard this. He looked down at his young toddler-like body as he considered the words. He felt a strange sense of bravado swelling up within him. Somehow… He felt less vulnerable as a little kid than he did as an adult! And he knew the proper way to deal with villains. “ROOOOAWR!” Nick gave a shout as he clumsily ran for the raccoon. He flapped his useless wings along the back as he managed to grab onto the edge of the giant hat.


“Seriously?” Frinkel just stared in surprise. Of the many ways she thought this might go down… Being attacked by a toddler was not one of them.


“… Maybe if we work together we can get the remote!” Koda shouted as he noticed what the griffin was doing. He quickly lurched toward the hat as well and grabbed the side of it and began trying to climb it.


“You… You really think so?” Zeelo asked. He was a bit more shaken, but willing to try. Dropping his shirt he lurched towards the hat grabbing it from another angle.


“Meow mrowl mewwwww!” Myst might have been stuck even younger as an infant but wanted to help as well. The infant did his best to crawl towards the hat and bite down on the brim of it.


“Awwww, you guys are adorable.” Frinkel gave a wistful sigh. “But also kind of pathetic. I mean, this is basic math. Little babies vs evil hat machine. No matter how you slice it up it doesn’t end well for you.” Frinkel pulled a lever back atop the hat as it slowly rose into the air. This had the immediate effect of dislodging the four babies and sending them tumbling down to the ground. “You should be thankful I’m more the fun turn you into things kind of villain! If I was the mean beat people up kind! You’d all be super doomed right now. Look! You should just accept this happened and try to have fun with it! It’s not like there’s anything you can do to-“


It was at this moment there was an enormous explosion of light directly beneath Frinkel’s hat. It had enough force to send the hat skyrocketing away from the area. The four tots on the other hand were completely unharmed, as if whatever force didn’t affect them at all.


“GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Frinkel shouted as she disappeared into the distance.


Meanwhile as the light faded a new figure appeared within it. He was a small figure, only a few inches in height. His body looked similar to a bipedal cheetah, complete with the spotted fur. Yet his ears were a rabbit’s, and his tail was clearly shorter and fluffier than any feline’s would have been. He also had a large pair of butterfly wings sticking out of his back. He didn’t appear to be wearing any form of clothing or carrying anything on him.


“Oh… Wow!” The small creature fluttered around in the air. “Everything is so much bigger here than back in my own world! Even tiny babies look like giants compared to me!” He then paused and crossed his arms as he considered the tykes. “But you didn’t look that big from the other side… Wait… Maybe I’m simply smaller and- How am I floating?” He looked over his own shoulder. “Are… Are those wings? Those are new! I think I like them!” He quickly did a small loop-de-loop in the air clearly enjoying himself. “I’m gonna miss these when I go home.”


“Is anyone else completely also completely lost right now?” Koda groaned as he tried to stand back up. It was strange… Being this young he couldn’t actually walk properly… But moving around was still easier like this now that he didn’t need his cane.


“Mrow mew.” Myst sat up on his knees and shrugged.


“Oh sorry! I should probably explain!” The small fairy-like figure bobbed up and down in the air. “I’m Kawaru! And I’m super excited to meet you four! I thought I’d pop in and help!”


“… What?” Zeelo just stared blankly.


“Okay, this might be a lot to take in!” Kawaru nodded eagerly. “But basically I’m from a world really, really, really, really, far away from your own! We’re talking dimensions and stuff! I was just kind of looking through different worlds for something to watch when I stumbled upon your little battle with the raccoon girl who… Does not seem to be around right now… Huh.”


“You blew her away when you appeared!” Nick threw up his arms imitating an explosion.


“Oh that’s nifty!” Kwaru smiled. “Means I have more time to talk! So right! Saw the battle going on in the other world! And well was really cool the four of you were going to attack the scary villain like that! Buuuuuuut, it probably would have just ended very well! Just you know… Four babies… Against an evil genius with a giant robot hat. It wasn’t looking great.”


“We get it!” Koda growled.


“There’s no reason to be so grumpy!” Kawaru huffed and crossed his arms. “As I mentioned I’m here to help! So I came through the portal to your world right away! With… A few side effects.” He looked down at himself. “Probably not going to be able to actually help much physically like this! But I brought magic that can help you!”


“Wait… Magic?” Zeelo’s eyes lit up. “Does… Does that mean you can change us back to normal?”


“Nope!” Kawaru giggled. “Sorry, but didn’t have anything to help there! But… I did know of some strange magical artifacts, and they should be showing up very shortly.”


As if on cue, there was another bright flash of light! And then four large pieces of fabric slowly floated down from the sky landing next to each of the toddlers. There was a violet, blue, green and red one. They appeared to be baby blankets.


“M-mew?” Myst crawled over to the red blanket and poked it with a paw.


“I’m not sure I follow…” Koda picked up the violet one and looked at it.


“They’re Super Blankies!” Kawaru rubbed his paws. It was clear he had been waiting to get to this part. “Just tie them around your neck and wear them like a cape to activate their powers! They’re kind of finicky though… Won’t work for adults, or even older kids. But that’s what made them perfect to bring here.”


“Oh my gosh! You mean we get to be real super heroes!?” Nick’s eyes lit up. Compared to the others he seemed to be hanging on every word the small fairy spoke.


“OI!” The conversation was broken as Frinkel flew back into the area on her giant hat. “What the heck was that all about?” She paused and her eyes narrowed as she stared down at the fairy. “Who are you?”


“Oh don’t mind me!” Kawaru stuck his tongue out at the raccoon. “Just foiling your plans! I’ll be gone in a bit.”


“Foiling my plans?” Frinkel sneered. “That’s rather rude. She began to pull several levers atop the hat. “Well I know how to deal with meddlers like you.”


“Oh please what are you going to do zap me with your little machine thingy?” Kawaru’s grin widened. “Think you can hit something this sma-“ His voice cut off as a butterfly net suddenly emerged from the bottom of the hat. “Oh… That… That could be bad.” Kawaru quickly took off high into the air flapping his wings. However he wasn’t fast enough to out-fly the hat which quickly charged him down and caught him in the net. “No fair! Butterfly nets are cheating!”


“I’m a villain! I’m allowed to cheat!” Frinkel retorted before grabbing Kawaru out of the net and shoving him into a jar. The raccoon paused for a moment considering their captured prisoner. Then they pulled out their PDA pointed it into the jar and zapped them. “And hey, looks like I can hit you after all.”


“Doesn’t count!” Kawaru protested as they shrunk backwards in age. Their body became more less lean and more round as they were reduced to a mere two years in age. The sudden change in age distracted him from the villain as he suddenly started looking over his body. “Oh hey this is new… Never been a little kid before. Not entirely unpleasant, I feel so bouncy and full of energy.”


“That’s enough out of you.” Frinkel muttered before pressing a button atop the hat as suddenly a lid flipped open.


“Hey wait!” Kawaru protested. “Don’t put me in the glove box! I won’t be able to see you get your butt kicked!”


“Sure, whatever.” Frinkel ignored the small figure as he shut it into the compartment and closed the lid. “Okay then… That interruption is over. Now where was I? Oh right! World conquest.”


“This looks pretty bad…” Zeelo muttered.


“No kidding…” Koda studied the violet blanket he had picked up.


“We’ve got to help him!” Nick shouted. Unlike the others he embraced everything the fairy had told him at face value. He was already trying to throw his blue blanket over his shoulders, but was having trouble tying it together to stay on.


“Mroooowl!” Myst chimed in eager to help. However tying on a blanket cape was even harder for the infant than the toddlers.


“Is that really going to do anything? They’re just blankets…” Zeelo looked at his, but he started to tie it on anyway.


“Doesn’t make any sense…” Koda growled. “But then again… I suppose it makes as much sense as anything else going on right now.”


“Remember to shout something cool when you put yours on!” Nick managed to finally tie his blanket onto him. “Like… BY THE POWER OF GRIFFIN HEART! I AM REBORN AS SUPER ULTRA DEATH FALCON!” As Nick spoke the power of the Super Blankie kicked in just as promised and he floated into the air. “Oh wait!? I can fly! Then make that… The Falcon of DEATH FROM ABOVE!” Getting the hang of his powers immediately he took into the air flying straight for Frinkel’s giant trilby.


“Hey don’t go it alone!” Koda shouted. He couldn’t believe he was doing this… It was kind of embarrassing… And a little fun! But still embarrassing! But… Seeing the griffin suddenly take off flying seemed to prove the small fairy was telling the truth. What was there to lose at this point? He finished tying it on as a cape and did his best to shout something cool. “By the power of the Violet Blankie I am! … Well I’m not sure what power I have yet!” He got his answer soon enough… As soon as the blanket was on him like a cape he felt a strange sensation run through his entire body. His legs became less shaky, as if strength was flowing through his entire body. Then white scales began to grow in over his entire body. A long tail formed from the tip of his spine and horns protruded from the top of his head. Two wings formed from his back, though at his current age they weren’t large enough to support flight yet.


“Whoa…” Koda felt like a new person. Covered in scales he felt less exposed, even if he was still technically naked. But it wasn’t just that. Walking wasn’t difficult at all now. It was as if his body possessed strength far beyond what a normal child should! Or even beyond what his adult form should have! He stomped a foot down on the ground and marveled and his eyes lit up as it caused the cement beneath his now clawed paws to crack. “So… I’m the Dragon huh… I can work with that.”


“Yeah… I’m not shouting out loud like that.” Zeelo rolled his eyes as he put on his own green blankie like a cape. Nothing happened. “That figures…” He looked down at Myst who was still struggling. “Here let me help you.”


“Mrow mew meow mroooow!” Myst gave a shout as his blanket was tied around his shoulders. “Meoooooooooooooooooow moooow!” He did his best to shout a cool name as he wore the red blanket. A moment later streams of fire erupted from each of his paws.


“GAAH!” Zeelo gave a shout as the fire erupted from the small kitten and literally shrunk back. In a fluid motion his body changed from human to baby mouse and jumped backwards to avoid the fire. “Sq-squeak!?” His eyes widened, but a second later he grew back into his normal human form and fell back onto his bottom. “Oh… Shapeshifting. That’s… actually kind of cool.”


“Well this is unexpected…” Frinkel muttered as a baby griffin crashed into the side of her hat and began to fiercely bite at the brim. “Let me see how to handle this situation.” She pulled out her PDA and quickly closed down the regression app and loaded up an eBook on how to take over the world. “What to do when you encounter your first superheroes. Let’s see here… Aha! Gloat evilly then unleash my secret weapon!” She pause and considered. “My secret weapon was turning you all into babies. A lot of good that apparently did… Then again. I am riding a giant and presumably deadly hat. Let’s see what we have here!” She pulled a lever atop the hat and a large robotic hand wearing a white globe sprung out and smacked Nick lightly atop the head.


“Owwww!” Nick whined as the gloved hand then grabbed him and tossed him aside.


“Ha take that do gooder!” Frinkel laughed smugly. “I’ve got a robot arm!” She pulled another lever as three more arms emerged from the hat. “Lots of robot arms!”


“Ugh don’t think I’m going to let you knock me down! I’m ready for more!” Nick stumbled to his feet as he landed.


“Don’t just charge her head on!” Koda shouted. “Come on try to be smart about this!”


“But… But… Heroics!” Nick pleaded.


“Look there’s four of us and one of him! Things will be much simpler if we work together!” Koda explained.


“Um I’m not sure I want to be counted among the people fighting…” Zeelo muttered.


“What, why?” Koda demanded. “We have powers!”


“Yeah I can turn into animals apparently! Baby animals!” Zeelo crossed his arm. “Not sure how that’s going to help against a big giant robot hat!”


“Mrow mew meoooow!” Myst tugged on Zeelo’s leg.


“It’s not that I’m scared!” Zeelo explained. “I’m just being… Tactical!”

“Mrowl meoooooooow.” The newborn looked up at Zeelo questioning.


“Look maybe you can do something! You shoot fire!” Zeelo swung his arms wildly.


“Mroooow.” Myst narrowed his eyes at the sole human.


“Look just! It’s not safe for you either! You’re an infant! You shouldn’t be fighting crime!” Zeelo pleaded.


“Meow mrow mew meooow!” Myst nodded.


“But someone has to do it huh…” Zeelo sighed. “I can’t believe I’m being out argued by someone who can’t even talk.”


“MROWL!” Myst purred smugly.


“Oh my gosh… Fine, I’ll fight.” Zeelo rubbed his face. “But only because you insist on doing it and I’m not about to let a baby charge into battle without someone watching their back.”


“You know we’re pretty much all babies now right?” Koda asked in a teasing manner.


“He’s babier!” Myst shouted before dropping down onto all fours and transforming into a lion cub. “ROOOOAWR!” He knelt down and lifted Myst up with his head and slid the kitten onto his back.


“Um hi, you guys done?” Frinkel called from over on her hat. “Because I’m being very polite not attacking you while you have your little discussion. And if you’re done arguing amongst yourselves I’d like to get back to our grand showdown here.”


“Oh we haven’t forgotten about you!” Nick was full of confident as he stood with his blankie blowing in the wind. “Let’s go! Super Mega Awesome Blankie Warriors! Charge!”


“We are not calling ourselves that.” Koda interrupted.


“Just… Just… charge!” Nick yelled.


All four children acted this time. Nick flew up into the air while Koda and Zeelo carrying Myst ran along the ground. Myst held up his paws in the air as he was carried and released a torrent of flame behind him.


“Mrooowl!?” Zeelo reacted in surprise when he suddenly found himself going faster due to Myst’s fire as the two reached Frinkel first.


“Okay, rocket powered lion is neat, but I’m not sure what it’s going to do to stop me…” Frinkel pulled the levers on her hat aiming to have one of the hands swat away the lion. However thanks to Myst’s boost, Zeelo was able to jump into the air and latch onto the robot’s arm with his claws and fangs. “Hey stop that! You’re going to scratch the paint!”


“Meow!” Myst smiled evilly as he climbed closer to Zeelo’s head. He extended his claws, and suddenly on the tip of each claw a flame lit up.


“Don’t you do that.” Frinkel warned.


“MROOOWL!” Myst dug his claws into the side of the robot arm, using the heat from his flames to carve through the side of it.


“Argggh! I asked you not to do that!” Frinkel shouted. “Didn’t you kids ever learn not to play with fire!” She quickly brought in a second arm and snatched Myst off of Zeelo’s back. “You are being a very bad-“


“SUPER SONIC DEATH SWOOP!” Nick screeched as he dove downward spinning in a spiral pattern tearing through the edge of one of the hats.


“Stop that! I can’t just buff that out!” Frinkel whined while one of the hands chased after the griffin. She then paused as he remembered the fourth cub, the dragon, coming for him. “Think it’s time someone teaches you kids some discipline!” Frinkel swung one of the remaining free hands around aiming to slap Koda away.


Only for the hand to go taut as Koda managed to hold up both his arms to catch it. With a firm grip he used his newfound strength to hold the robotic hand in place.


“Please don’t break my robot.” Frinkel asked.


“I’m gonna break it.” Koda stuck his tongue out.


“Please?” Frinkel tried lowering hear ears cutely and wagging her tail.


“Breaking it!” Koda began to pull on the arm.


“I’ll be your friend!” Frinkel tried.


“ROOOOOOOOAWR!” Koda gave a shout as he pulled the robot arm straight out of the side of the hat releasing a shower of sparks in the process.


“Awwwww you broke it!” Frinkel threw up her arms in frustration. “Didn’t your mother teach you to respect other people’s property! At least I have three arms still-“


“MROOOOOOOOOOOOWL!” Myst gave a shout as the small kitten suddenly burst into a giant fireball. Red hot flames gave rushing out in every direction from the small kitten. The metal arm holding him in place began to melt and fall apart dropping the kitten onto the brim of the hat. Myst purred smugly as small flames began to pick up on the hat all around him.


“Okay. Two arms. I still have two arms left.” Frinkel corrected herself.


“CAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!” Nick was screeching at the top of his lungs despite the fact he could talk as he flew circles around Frinkel’s hat and the robot arm chased him. The arm had wound up getting tangled up in the one that that Zeelo was wrestling while chasing Nick.


“That’s not good…” Frinkel tugged on one of her levers.


“GROOOOAWRL!” Zeelo slowly increased in mass as he transformed into a bear cub and dug his claws into the two sets of tangled up arms and let himself slide down their edges. The bits of metal slowly started to peel away as his claws slid through them.




“ARRRRRRRGH!” Frinkel threw her hands over her ears. “It’s like nails on a chalkboard.”




“Enough I can’t take this!” Frinkel pulled another lever as the two remaining arms detached from the hat and fell to the ground. Zeelo fell to the ground with them before returning to his human form and taking a few steps back. “We’ll just see how this works with ranged weaponry!” Frinkel tipped the hat to slide Myst off the side of it who Zeelo quickly caught in his arms. She then took the hat up higher and pulled another lever as a massive cannon stuck out from the bottom of the hat. “I have no idea what this does! But it looks big! And there appears to be a big red button that activates it! And any villainous plan that involves pushing a big red button is bound to succeed!” She slammed her paw down on the button. Light began to glow inside the cannon.


“Big deal we’ll just fly around it!” Nick hovered in the air away from the hat crossing his arms smugly. “Villains aren’t very smart.”


“Um… But what about the city?” Zeelo asked as he stared at the cannon. “That thing looks really big and scary… It might do a lot of damage.”


“Mrow meeoow!” Mist agreed.


“Not good…” Koda muttered as he looked at Myst. “I’ve got an idea!” He snatched the kitten from Zeelo. “Try to make the hottest fiercest fire you can! But into as thin a line as possible and fire!” With that he held the kitten up facing the giant cannon.


“Is… Is that a good idea?” Zeelo asked. “I mean you’re basically holding him out in front of the cannon.”


“Well if it doesn’t work we’re basically all toast…” Koda muttered.


“Do it! Do it! Do it!” Nick cried as he floated above them. “But make sure you give it a cool awesome name!”


“Mrowl meoooooooooooow!” Myst nodded eagerly.


“Oh right you can’t talk… Guess I’ll give it a cool name.” Nick landed on the ground and tapped the bottom of his beak.


“Cannon fully charged!” Frinkel was busy at work preparing her weapon. “FIRE!” She slammed her paw down on the red button again releasing a massive beam of white energy.


“This is it!” Koda shouted.


“I really hope this works…” Zeelo muttered.


One of them was less worried. Nick had a huge grin as he shouted the attack name. “Neo Mega Ultra Ultimate Exploding Death Wind Fire Ray Storm Turbo Beam… FIRE!”


“MEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!” Myst shouted at the top of his lungs as he opened his mouth and shot a beam of pure heat. He gave it everything he had to keep it going.


The beam of light and beam of fire met each other halfway between the children and the villain. As the two beams collided it released a shockwave that ripped up sections of the street and threw them aside… But it was also clear the beam of light was stronger and pushing back against Myst’s fire.


“Uggggh…” Koda grunted. He could feel the force of the beams pushing him back as he tried to hold Myst up to continue firing. His paws were starting to slip against the street as they were being pushed back from it. “Hang on… Keep pushing.”


“You can do it!” Zeelo quickly moved behind Koda and began pushing his back against the dragon trying to give him more support. He quickly took the form of a gorilla to augment his physical strength as he continued to push on it.


“We’ve almost won! Just keep firing!” Nick cried as he took to the air. He then flew behind Zeelo and started pushing against him trying to use as much force as his flight powers could proceed.


Slowly… Koda game to a stop as the beam pushed against him and Myst… And then he took a step forward. All four of the cubs moving together slowly began to move forward… And as they did the beam of fire began to push the beam of light back.


“Wait what!?” Frinkel quickly pulled out her PDA and began reading it. “The villain handbook never said anything about this happening! Well… I’ll just mash the button harder! That’ll make the beam bigger!” She began to rapidly press the red button as hard as possible. Just as she expected, and against all logic, the beam of light got bigger and began to push the cubs back.


“MROOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWRL!” Myst shouted louder, and as he did his own beam intensified. Koda continued to hold him up and force himself to advance while Zeelo and Nick pushed him.


“Okay, they can’t do this for long! The little tyke is gonna wear himself out!” Frinkel was starting to panic as she saw her beam pushed back. “Surely any second now they’ll-“


It was at that moment the battle was decided.


Myst’s beam pierced through the beam of light, going straight into the cannon melting it. Then a large pillar of fire burst through the top of a hat just inches away from Frinkel nearly toasting the raccoon. It was only after Mysty stopped firing that the pillar receded.


“That’s really bad!” Frinkel shouted as the raccoon felt the hat start to sway and fall back to the ground.


“You three go high!” Koda handed Myst to Nick before he himself ran straight for the hat. Leaping high into the air he managed to reach the brim of the hat and drag the Trilby to the ground. He then began to spin in place, and in the process whirl the hat in a large circle around him faster and faster.


“H-hey! Stop it! You’re making me sick!” Frinkel held onto the levers inside the hat to avoid being flung off. “Let go!”


“If you insist!” Koda released his grip on the trilby and sent the hat flying high into the air. At the same time Nick took off into the sky while holding Mysty and Zeelo took the form of an eagle to follow him up. Zeelo continued higher into the sky above the hat while Nick got level with it as it was gaining altitude.


“Fire and Air Combo Extreme Tornado!” Nick shouted as he began to fly in circles around the hat.


“MROOOOWL!” Myst gave a playful shout as well and began waving his paws wildly throwing out fireballs setting the entire outer brim of the hat ablaze.


“Hey! This is really dangerous!” Frinkel protested. “And where’s the last one!” He looked up just in time to see the eagle Zeelo become a human for just a brief moment.


“DINO STOMP!” Zeelo shouted before transforming into a t-rex. He wasn’t a very big one still being a baby… But as he fell from the sky and collided with the hat just a foot away from Frinkel it was enough to send the hat flying straight down to the ground. Zeelo then changed forms into a small bat to abandon the hat as it went crashing back down to Earth.


“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Frinkel screamed in terror as she went plummeting down. The flaming hat hit the ground hard and burst apart into flaming pieces of fabric and metal flying in each direction. She herself was somehow left completely unharmed in the middle of the wreckage… But with Koda standing before her, Nick and Mysty floating above him, and Zeelo swooping down and landing on Koda’s shoulder things didn’t look good. “Okay um… Hold on!” Frinkel pulled up her PDA and checked her document. “Let’s see here… After the heroes defeat you… The proper way for a villain to react is to shake their fist in anger, swear revenge and run off into the sunset! I can do that.”


“Meow!” Myst coughed up a single fireball. It flew straight into Frinkel’s PDA causing it to explode.


“Hey I was using that!” Frinkel shouted as a wave of electricity suddenly enveloped her as it exploded. “Huh I feel kind of… Tingly…” She began to slowly shrink down as her clothing became loose. “Ah! Oh no! The regression app! It went off on meeeeee!” Her voice became higher pitched. “I’ll get you for this!” She tried to shake her fist as she stumbled awkwardly out of her clothes and tried to toddle away from the party. “Just you wait! I’ll get- squeak squeeeak!” Frinkel fell down onto all fours and began to chitter as her voice left her. In a few seconds she was even younger than Myst! She couldn’t be more than a single day old! Despite this… She made an adamant effort to crawl as quickly away from the heroes as possible and make her escape.


“I guess that’s taken care of.” Koda sighed. “Don’t think she can cause any harm like that.”


“That was the best thing ever!” Nick shouted as he flew in a circle in the sky. “I wanna do this every day!”


“Meow meoooow!” Mysty threw up his paws in agreement.


Zeelo quickly flew to the ground and changed back to human form. “I guess it wasn’t too bad.” He laughed slightly. Then he remembered. “The fairy!” He quickly ran over to the wreckage of the trilby hat and found the glove box Kawaru had been stored in. He quickly ripped it open, pulled out the jar, and released the toddler fairy.


“Oh thank goodness!” Kawaru flew out as soon as he could. “You have no idea how boring it was in there! I was starting to count my own spots I was so bored! You would have thought she could at least put me somewhere that I could watch the fight and-“ He slowly floated in a circle seeing the remains of the hats. “Oh wow… You four didn’t hold back.”


“So what happens now?” Koda asked. “Is everyone just like this forever now?”


“Well…” Kuwaru looked thoughtful. “I’m not really from this world! I may be a little kid here now! But pretty sure when I go home I go back to being normal aged and sized! So I’m going to be fine!”


“So when can you make us older again?” Zeelo asked.


“I never said I could do that!” Kuwaru replied with a smile.


“MEOOOOOW!?” Myst flung his arms realizing he was going to be stuck too young to even talk.


“You know it’s not so bad…” Koda looked in the direction of where he had first gotten hit by the ray. He could still see his discarded cane and leg brace among the rubble. “I wouldn’t mind staying like this.”


“Just like that?” Zeelo asked. “But I was an adult! I had things to do! I can’t even attend preschool like this!”


“Ahhh come on!” Nick landed and patted Zeelo on the back. “Isn’t this a lot more fun than pre-school! It’s certainly better than what I did as an adult.”


“… Maybe.” Zeelo crossed his arms and huffed. He actually didn’t want to change back if it meant giving up his powers. But he wasn’t about to admit that to the rest.


“Meow mrow mewwww!” Myst created a small fireball between his two paws and stared at it in wonder. It seemed he was reaching a similar conclusion.


“Well I guess all’s well that end’s well!” Kuwaru smiled. “And hey I’m sure I can check in with you from time to time! Keep the Super Blankies! A gift from me to you! Have fun keeping the world safe from evil!” With that Kuwaru flew straight up into the air and then vanished in a flash of light.


“So… I guess we’re superheroes now?” Koda looked down at himself. “Think we might be the smallest and oddest looking heroes to ever exist.”


“Isn’t it awesome!” Nick floated in the air. “We can do this every day now!”


“Don’t superheroes usually wear costumes? Zeelo whined.


“We don’t need costumes we have capes!” Nick protested.


“Meow meow!” Myst nodded sagely.


“Yeah yeah…” Zeelo sighed. It wasn’t like any clothing aside from his blankie would stay on him long with his shapeshifting. “Whatever, it’s fine.”


“So I guess we need some kind of superhero team name!” Nick was bouncing up and down in the air. “How about the Extreme Power Kidz! Spelled with a z!”


“Don’t think that one’s going to work…” Koda laughed as he slowly began to walk away from the hat’s wreckage.


“Okay okay!” Nick thought for a second. “How about the Awesome Deadly Turbo Four!”


“Okay it’s decided.” Zeelo flashed a smile. “Nick doesn’t get to pick the name.” With that remark Zeelo slowly shrank down in size as he took the form of a normal domestic cat and ran over to check on Myst who was crawling around on the ground at this point. “Meoooow!”


“Mroooowl!” Myst happily began to paw at the other kitten and tune out Nick’s suggestions. Then the two began to follow after Koda.


“Oh come on guys! I have a million good name ideas!” Nick pleaded as he followed after the other kids. “Just give me another chance hear out my next one!”


It would seem… Coming up with a name might prove a bigger challenge than defeating villains.

The End

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