Our final Tale From Switch City features Kickaha. Whenever Kickaha is around either something happens to Kickaha or Kickaha happens to someone. This time it’s a bit of both as he suddenly finds himself thrusts into a magical school where all the kids are doing it wrong.


In an alternate timeline, Jak, Calex and Zeelo are three kokiri of Hyrule who decide to travel to the Carnival of Time in Termina and have fun with the activities. Of course, with Calex and Zeelo being in on this adventure you know that the only costume piece accepted for the festival is a mask only. Masks that often have strange effects.


Switch City stories are normally Patreon only, but in this special anthology, Tales From Switch City, we’ll share a few stories with everyone so they can learn what the world of Switch City is all about. Tonight, we bring up our first tale of Lockely, a normal human who soon crosses over into an abnormal world.