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Zeelo has a bithday party hosted by a few friends. But… It feels kind of childish. But after he finds a magic ball of yarn everyone might start having more fun.









Kitten Party
By CalexTheNeko


The idea of having a birthday party didn’t really set well with Zeelo. It wasn’t that he didn’t like the concept… It was just that he was pretty sure that was more of a little kid thing. It wasn’t uncommon for him to hang out with a couple friends when his day came… But an actual party with cake and presents? It sounded fun… But it was also a little embarrassing. But still! He was an adult and so were his friends! He was sure it wouldn’t be like the parties he had as a kid. It would probably just be some low key celebration, some small talk and probably just a few mundane party treats. At least that was what he expected.


But now Zeelo found himself wearing a paper party hat, sitting at a table with a cake, a single white box wrapped with a red ribbon and confetti raining down on him. This wasn’t quite what he expected from an adult party. He barely recognized his kitchen it was filled with so many colorful streamers.


“This is… A bit much…” Zeelo muttered.


“A little bit…” One of his friends, Joe who was sitting across from him smiled. “But… We discovered you could get a lot of decorations at the dollar store and we sort of got carried away. And then we just had all these bags of streamers and confetti and well… We had to use them.”


“I mean after we bought this much, when else were we going to use them?” Zeelo’s other friend Ben asked.


“At one of your party’s?” Zeelo suggested.


“Absolutely not.” Joe shook his head. “After seeing it come together… This was actually a really bad idea. This looks like a five year old’s party. Sorry.”


“But hey! We got you a gift! That makes up for embarrassing you like this, right?” Ben pushed the white box. “Though we actually don’t know what it is.”


“How do you not know what you bought?” Zeelo asked suspiciously as he grabbed the box and began to unfold the ribbon.


“It was a grab bag thing from that old curiosity shop!” Joe explained. “They called it a wish in a box!”


“Oh so it’s a gag gift.” Zeelo rolled his eyes. He should have known better. He opened the box and inside was… A ball of yarn! “Seriously?” Zeelo lifted the ball out of the box and stared at it. “That’s it? I expected something more-“ And then his hand turned into a paw. “What?”


Zeelo began to shrink into his clothes as brown striped fur began to grow over his entire body. His ears moved up to the top of his head forming into large triangle shapes. His face pushed out into a muzzle as whiskers sprouted near his nose. His pants slid down around his ankles just as a tail grew out from his spine. Pads formed on the bottom of his feet and palms of his hands as his nails sharpened into claws then sunk into furry sheathes. His shirt fell down from his shoulders to his stomach, barely hanging on by virtue that he was sitting in a chair, but now much too small for his legs to reach the floor.


“What… What just happened!?” Zeelo asked in a now much higher pitched voice as he dropped the ball of yarn onto the ground. He looked like a humanoid cat now… But he hadn’t just turned into an animal person! He had gotten younger, and could be no older than five.


“That’s what the gift does!?” Joe shouted but his eyes went wide. He stood up from his chair and took a step towards Zeelo staring down at him.


“Why… Why are you so big!?” Zeelo asked his tail twitching anxiously. He hadn’t quite registered what happened yet.


“You’re… You’re so cute!” Joe cried as he grabbed Zeelo and lifted him off the chair and out of his clothes leaving the kitten naked except for his party hat. He hugged the kitten kid to his chest and began to scratch his ears.


“Ohhhh that feels nice…” Zeelo began to purr happily. He was starting to realize what had happened… But the sensation of being petted was so nice it overrode any desire to panic.


“Joe how can you be so calm!?” Ben demanded. “Our friend just turned into a cat! Quick! Grab that ball maybe it has a way to reverse this!” As Ben spoke he quickly dove to the ground to pick up the ball of yarn. But the second he touched it he began to change and shrink into his own clothing! Like Zeelo it only took a few seconds before a black and white tuxedo kitten boy struggled out of his clothes. “What… But…” He looked around.


“Kitty friend!” Zeelo wasn’t sure if it was being a kid again or being a cat, or some combination of two… But upon seeing someone his own age and species he couldn’t suppress the desire to play. He leaped out of Joe’s arms and pounced Ben knocking him to the ground and began to roll around with him.


“Zeelo! Zeelo stop!” Ben pleaded at first but then began to giggle as he realized he was enjoying the wrestling match too. “I mean! I’m not going to let you win!” With that the two kittens began to fight for domination, each trying to pin the other.


“Are you two okay?” Seeing both of his friends transformed seemed to make Joe suddenly unsure of the situation.


“It’s fun!” Ben shouted. “Come on! Touch the ball of yarn yourself and join us!”


“WHAT!?” Joe wasn’t ready for that. “Look at you two! You’re… Just little kids! And cats! And…”


“It was scary for a second!” Zeelo chimed in as he managed to pen Ben on his back. “But it’s actually a lot of fun and… Oh my…” He seemed to notice the streamers around the room for the first time. “So many wonderful things to play with now.” He stood up on top of Ben and began to swat at a streamer.


“You’re really enjoying yourselves like that?” Joe looked nervously at the ball of yarn.


“Yeeeah!” Ben shouted before shoving Zeelo off of him and leaping across the room to bite a streamer hanging on the wall.


“You two… Do seem to really be having a good time…” Joe nervously bent down and against his better judgment poked the ball of yarn with one hand.


Just like the other two the change was brisk… And soon there was an orange tabby kitten among the group struggling to loosen himself from his adult clothes.


“I’m not sure…” The kitten shaped Joe muttered.


“Just give it a chance!” Ben chattered happily as he jumped on top of Joe knocking the orange kitten to the ground.


“Kitty pile!” Zeelo gave a roar before leaping atop both Ben and Joe.


“G… guys!” Joe giggled at this and began to swat at the two other kitties with his paws. It… Was actually a lot of fun being like this. And… Suddenly the party decorations didn’t seem so kiddy! In fact they looked like a lot of fun.


“Heh heh…” Zeelo climbed down from atop his two friends and let them up. “You know I had my doubts at first… But this party was a good idea! Now… Who wants cake?”


The three had not had so much fun in a long time… And thanks to their new forms would have plenty more birthdays to celebrate before they were boring old adults again anytime soon.


The End

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