A group of friends tries out a vacation package that lets them live as actual wolves for a full week.



The Full Moon Package
By CalexTheNeko


“Reservation for three; under Abby?” The clerk glanced up from the tablet in her hands and looked around the waiting room. It was one of those impossibly sterile rooms. The type that had perfectly polished floors, shined smudge-free metal furniture frames, and a strange clock that didn’t actually have any numbers on its face. The waiting room had mostly cleared out of clients today, but there were still a few waiting to come in.


“That’s us!” Abby jumped up from her seat as she was called. She was the youngest of her group, though not by much. At twenty-four she was just two years behind the other two. That didn’t stop the occasional teasing, especially since the short haired brunette was a good three inches shorter than the others and the most excitable of the bunch.


“Calm down Abby, you’re going to wear yourself out before it even starts.” The red haired Breana was the grumpy one of the group. She was currently staring at her phone, and only after finishing whatever task she was occupied with did she slowly rise from her chair. “You’re already exhausting me.” Breana tended to butt heads with Abby a lot. It wasn’t that she didn’t like her… In fact Breana probably considered Abby her best friend. It was just that she was always happiest when she was bickering.


“Oh come on! Does nothing excite you?” Abby stamped a foot as she looked back at Breana. “This is a once in a lifetime chance! These vacations are expensive you know! I didn’t have to bring you.”


“It’s not like you paid for it.” Breana gave a wry smile. “Just won it off a radio contest.” Breana paused as she considered that. “Actually I’m really surprised they still have those.”


“They do!” Abby looked thoughtful for a moment. “Though I guess they are less popular now. The prize was supposed to go to the seventh caller… And I wound up being the first, the third, sixth and the seventh.”


“So in other words you didn’t have to work hard to earn them?” Breana grinned wickedly.


“Knock it off you two.” The third member of their trio was Regina, though she usually just went by Gina. Almost every group of friends needs a Gina. She was the stabilizing element that kept the friendship from going up in flames. Of course, as the group mom this meant that while she did act as a mediator of sorts between Abby and Breana she was also at any given moment about five seconds away from handing both those girls a good smack upside the head. Standing around 5’5” she was no taller than Breana, but still managed to give the impression of looming over her. Perhaps it was a result of her firm posture, or the fact she always dressed in perfectly ironed business casual. It could have been her straight brown hair, held back by a floral clip, or maybe it was just that her voice had  a naturally authoritative tone. Whatever it was, she was a force to be reckoned with that even Breana was hesitant to snark too much at her expense. “At least wait till we’re changed before you start baring your teeth at each other.”


“Wasn’t even really fighting.” Breana huffed.


“You were about to.” Gina rolled her eyes.


“Um… So… Are you ready?” The clerk spoke up with a nervous stutter in her voice. It was clear she felt slightly awkward trying to get their attention.


“Oh right!” Abby bounded up to the Clerk’s counter.


“Alright… So you have the Weekend Full Moon Package for three.” The clerk quickly read the information off the screen. “After you leave the changing room you’ll have full access to grounds for two full nights. Your time will end on Sunday at 4 PM. I am required to inform you that if you do not return to the changing room by that time you will be billed for the extra time.”


“Right! Right! Right!” Abby nodded along.


“Okay, can you go ahead and confirm that you read the terms of service and sign this agreement?” The clerk turned her tablet around so Abby could reach it.


“Yup.” Abby lied, but in her defense it wasn’t as if anyone else visiting that day had read it either. She quickly used her finger to sign the tablet.


“Right this way then!” The clerk pressed a button beneath her counter and a door opened up behind her. It led into what appeared to be a small locker room. There were only about six lockers in the room, and two shower stalls tucked into the corner. Other than that it just had a couple of benches and a sliding door on the other hand. “You can store your clothing and personal belongings in the lockers. Once everyone is undressed and ready just hit the green button next to the light switch.” She pointed at the spot on the wall. “I’ll leave so you can have some privacy.” She wasted no time in retreating back out the door and shutting it.


“So… Do we just like… Get naked?” Abby tilted her head as she looked around the locker room.


“Pretty sure that’s the idea.” Breana patted Abby on the head condescendingly. “Are you nervous about what we might see?” She grinned.


“No.” Abby muttered. “Just feels a bit weird is all… Just… No one look over here alright…” She slowly began to undress.


“No one wants to.” Breana snickered. However she was even slower to start removing her clothing, and seemed to be just as timid about it at Abby.


“It’s just a locker room.” Gina meanwhile had already finished undressing and piling her clothes into a locker. She stood there naked with her arms crossed staring at the other two. “Didn’t either of you ever have to change clothes in P.E. growing up?”


“Yeah but that was years ago.” Abby muttered.


“Look, I get it’s awkward.” Gina’s tone softened. “It was back in school too. But the sooner you do it, the sooner we can hit that green button and we can all get past this part.”


“Right!” Remembering what was coming next helped Abby feel a bit more bold. She quickly finished undressing and storing her clothes. Breana took about a minute longer than her. “Okay everyone ready?” She held her hand a few inches from the button. “Five. Four…”


“Just press the darn button already!” Breana snarled. “It’s freaking cold in here.”


“Three-two-one!” Abby spoke much faster then slammed the button down. A moment later there was a hissing sound as a thin mist began to seep into the room. In seconds, the entire room was filled with the mist.


And then all three girls began to change.


It started with the growth of hair over random patches of their body. Then their nails grew sharper.


“Ow!” Breana yelped.


“Don’t scratch yourself.” Gina didn’t even need to look to know what had happened.


“It just itches growing all over like that…” Breana muttered, as she tried to use her palms to scratch instead, only to pause as she noticed a dark black pad on it.


“It’s not that bad!” Abby’s voice sounded less than earnest. The truth was she found the experience rather uncomfortable and was resisting the urge to scratch at each new patch of hair that began to grow in. It was the worst around her feet. The hair was thickest there, and there were small pads forming beneath her feet. Her foot began to stretch and she felt herself shifting her weight to stand on her toes. She stared downward as her toenails changed color right before her eyes, it was as if black paint had just slowly dripped down them until they were completely dark. The pad along the bottom of her foot grew thicker as it formed the shape of a pawprint. After the change finished Abby found it to be far more comfortable support than any shoe she had ever worn. She didn’t have long to think about it though before she began to wobble back and forth on her feet. She fell forward onto all fours as her spine began to change shape.


“GAH!” Breana had made the transition to all fours with a little less grace, falling flat on her face. “Not one word.” She muttered.


By this point, about half the girls’ bodies were covered in hair, and now they were starting to look more like patches of thick fur. It was at this point their tails grew in. At first they were small hairless things poking from their spine, looking more like a hamster tail than anything else. But from there, they grew in size as a thick of fluffy coat of fur grew over it. A few seconds longer, and it looked like a proper tail.


“This thing has a mind of its own.” Abby’s tail was wagging at full speed. She was trying to make it hold still, but she couldn’t get it to stop, which she accomplished on accident as she heard her own voice and was shocked by how raspy it was.


“It’s probably best to just let it do what it wants.” Gina’s tail was wagging too, just a bit less enthusiastically than Abby’s. She had not missed the raspier tone of her own voice, but took it in stride.


By now their bodies were almost completely covered in fur and the last changes were taking place. Their headers grew shorter but their faces pushed out longer as they formed into muzzles. Their noses, now at the tip of their muzzle turned black and moist. Their ears were now positioned near the top of their newly shaped heads, and were small triangle colored shapes.


Where moments there had been three girls now stood three wolves. It was still easy enough to tell them apart. Abby was still the smallest and had a dark brown coat. Breana’s coat was a brighter rust colored. Then Abby, who was slightly smaller than Breana was sporting a light brown coat of fur.


“Woof!” Abby barked happily as she jumped up in the air. She couldn’t believe it. She was actually a wolf! Well, she was able to believe it. That was the entire reason she was here! But these Full-Body Immersion Vacations were so expensive she never thought she’d get to experience one in her life. “Aroooo! Woof arf!” She had so much to say about this that it took her a few minutes to realize she couldn’t actually talk.


“Ruff!” Breana’s ears perked happily as she watched Abby. It then hit her that there was no way for Abby to know what snarky thing she had said. Her ears flattened as she realized she would have to go the entire weekend without making a single sassy comment.


“Arrraarf.” Gina gave an amused bark that sounded like a laugh. She was going to enjoy the peace that came with this vacation.


A buzzer sounded throughout the locker room. It was so loud it was almost painful… Though that may have just been their improved sense of hearing. A moment later the sliding door began to slowly open. Sunlight flooded into the locker room as a world of new sensations appeared.


The Full-Boddy Immersions Vacation Group had 20 acres of land set aside for this package. They had planted hundreds of trees turning the entire area into a large forest with a man-made river running through the middle of it. There were a few breaks from what one might find normally in nature. Most clients would see these for the better. The first, was that the river itself was filtered water kept in a constant flow to keep as clean drinking water. The second was that there were no prey animals to hunt and eat. Instead, at several points throughout the grounds there were vending machines disguised as hollow trees. The trees themselves were always distinct to make them easily stand out, but looked natural enough to appear in a forest. When one touched, or pawed at the trunk it would change into a touch screen allowing the guests to order a number of different dishes, all cooked to order and safe for wolves to eat. Once ordered a dish would be sent through an internal system of conveyer belts and arrive inside the hollow of the tree that it was ordered from. The third and last major break from nature were the caves scattered throughout the area. While they were dug into hills and looked natural enough from the outside… Once inside each cave was equipped with an A/C unit, a heater, several large pillows and an electronic door. All of these could be easily operated by buttons placed on the floor in the corner of the cave.


“ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRFFFFF!” Abby was the first out, she burst into a full sprint. Running on all fours felt amazing, she had never been able to move this fast before.


Breana took a more leisurely pace. She walked in a slow trot until she found a break in the trees that created a large patch of sunlight. It was the perfect spot for her to flop down and take a nap.


Gina was more interested in exploring the place at first, just seeing how big 20 acres felt from the point of view of a wolf and what sights she might come across. She soon found though that the scents were far more interesting than the sights. She could smell the aroma of every flower in the forest, every leaf, every bird or small animal that had rested around here. (Apparently the area was not originally supposed to have any other animals at all. But it turned out it was pretty impossible to keep squirrels out of anything no matter how tall a fence you built.)


“Yip!” Gina let out a yelp as she lost her train of thought as something slammed into her. It took her a moment to collect herself before she realized what had happened. Abby had just tackled her! The small brown wolf was now starring at her, tail wagging and leaning down towards her. Gina couldn’t believe she had the nerve! The darker brown wolf stood up and drew herself up to her full height.


“R.. ruff.” This seemed to get to Abby, as she quickly broke jumped back up and took off running.


“RUUUUUFF!” Gina was not about to let her get away with it. She took off after the smaller wolf, closing the distance slowly before tackling her to the ground just a few feet from Breana. The two began to roll around, playfully biting and pawing at each other.


“Aroooo.” Breana let out an annoyed yawn as she was interrupted from her nap. She gave the two an annoyed look. But then as they rolled nearer, Gina nipped her tail. This riled Breana up enough for her to get up and jump into the dogpile. From there the fight would continue till all three were exhausted.


Later that night, the three wolves assembled atop a hill. The full moon was bright in the sky, its glow lighting up the entire forest. Each of the wolves kept looking at the other, it was clear each of them expected they were supposed to do something… But none of them wanted to be the first to start. Finally, it was Gina that took the initiative.


“AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” She let out a long loud yowl towards the moon in the sky.


“AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Not to be outdone, Abby managed to create a longer howl, though could not get the same volume as Gina.


“Awooo.” Breana on the other hand made a noise that could not actually be defined as a howl. The other two wolves stared at her as she just turned her head away looking sheepish. However, after several seconds of being on the receiving ends of these expectant stares she finally gave a real attempt. “AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”


And then all three joined in together.


The weekend passed faster than any of them would have wanted. Sunday afternoon came, and loudspeakers hidden throughout the forest announced they had one hour to return to changing rooms. They lagged a bit, on the return, none of them really wanting to return back to their normal lives quite yet. But vacations didn’t last forever, and eventually they found themselves back in the locker room. The sliding door closed and the buzzer sounded. Then just like last time mist filled the room.


But.. After several seconds nothing had changed.


“Yip?” Abby looked around confused. She had thought they would have changed back by now.


“Aroo.” Gina managed to shrug. She didn’t know how any of this worked. For all she nkew that was just a sanitizing spray and the actual transformation gas would come later.


After a few minutes the room began to fill with mist again. You could feel the tension leave the room as all three wolves felt relieved. Yet… Even after this mist cleared out nothing had changed.


“Grrrr.” Breana bristled. She felt something was wrong.


“Awwrff.” Gina walked over and gently leaned against Breana. She was sure that whatever was going on would be fixed soon.


The mist came on a third time… And again nothing changed. Now even Gina was starting to show signs of nervousness. Her tail was puffed and her fur standing on end. The mist did not come on a fourth time. Instead, the door to the locker room opened and the clerk from Friday appeared. She looked quite nervous as she approached them.


“So… Um…” The clerk clearly didn’t like being the messenger. “So there may have been… A small little mishap with the formula used. Just… Turns out the Transformation Gas used to transform you might have been contaminated. And um well… The thing is, we’re not really sure with what right now… And no one thought it would be an issue at the time but… Whatever it is… It’s preventing the chemical reaction from the antidote that would change you back.


“ARF!?” Breana’s nostrils flared as she suddenly lunged forward, intending to give the client a piece of her mind. Were they stuck like this?


“EEP!” The clerk held her tablet up in front of her face. It was likely Breana didn’t realize how much scarier an angry customer was when they were large and made of teeth.


“ARF.” Gina barked firmly, bit down on Breana’s tail and pulled her away from the clerk. The clerk let out a small sigh of relief until Gina sat down directly in front of her, looked straight into her eyes and let out a low quiet growl. “Grrrrr.”


“Uhhh.” The clerk recoiled. Somehow Gina’s quiet fury was even more terrifying than the mad barking from Breana. “D-d-d-don’t worry! Everything is going to be fine!” The clerk stammered. “You see… We’re analyzing the contaminant now so we can make an antidote that will work on you!”


“… Arf.” Gina let out a sigh. She wasn’t happy about this, but at least something was being done. And it’s not like biting the customer service clerk’s head off was going to accomplish anything.


“Awoo?” Abby had been quiet for most of the exchange but spoke up at this. She glanced over at the sliding door and nodded her head. She saw a small silver lining, that their vacation could continue at least.


“Yeeeah, that um…” Right now the clerk was wishing she could be anywhere but here. “The facility is booked solid for the next week so…  We can’t keep you here.”


“Yip?” Abby’s tail sagged. What did that mean? Were they going to be thrown into the actual woods?


“But don’t worry! This is our mistake!” The clerk edged closer to the door wanting to get away from the wolves as fast as possible. “We’ve arranged for transport to take you home until we can get the situation fixed and… Uh… They’ll be here for you soon and… Please don’t be mad at me it’s not my fault I just work the front desk!” With that the clerk fled from the room as fast as was professionally possible. Her final outburst had the wolves feeling more sympathetic for her than caring about their current situation.


At least for moment. Then the severity of their predicament set in on them. Well… At least the company was owning up to its mistake and was going to fix it. And they did get to go home, that offered some solace. Though there was the question of how they would be transported.


Roughly ten minutes later, the three of them were in separate kennels and loaded onto the back of a delivery truck. Abby made a small whining noise, while Breana growled.


Gina meanwhile stared out into space with a very specific look on her face. It was the type of look that could easily communicate entire sentences without words. It was a look that said. ‘Heaven help me, before this is over I’m going to bite someone.’


The wolves were not all taken to their home, but instead all of them were dropped off at Abby’s home. She was the only one they had an address on file for having been the one to fill out the paperwork. They would have tried to check the other two’s IDs… But those were still stored in a locker that no one knew what combination the girls had set them to. Someone had suggested just busting them open, but apparently that constituted liability issues when it came to customer privacy.


It was a strange sight, a man in a sterile lab coat dragging three kennels containing three adult wolves up three flights of stairs. Getting into the apartment would prove a problem since Abby’s keys were still in the locker. The company had to pay a locksmith to come and open the door for them. Gina would have questioned why that wasn’t a customer privacy liability issue… But she couldn’t talk. Most likely someone had made the suggestion for a locksmith and no one brought up the possibility that maybe opening the lockers would have been the lesser ‘privacy’ issue. Typical.


“So… Um…” The man in the lab coat was just as awkward as the clerk. “Welcome home I guess? We’ll send someone over to check in on you and bring food each day. You know, so you um… Don’t die or anything. Uh, not that it was ever a risk… and You know what, I’m just going to open the kennels and leave now.” He bent down undoing the latch on each of their kennels letting them out into Abby’s living room. “So uh… Do I… Thank you for your patronage or that doesn’t feel right… Uh… Bye.” He shut the front door to the apartment and left them there.


“Grrrrrrrrrrr.” Gina had a low growl that had built up in the back of her throat. After a few minutes she began to take deep breaths as the growl slowly subsided. She closed her eyes for a moment and calmed down. She was angry, but she couldn’t do anything about it right now. So the best thing to do was just focus on what she could do. Which wasn’t a whole lot of anything other than wait at the moment.


Breana was too worn down from stress to be angry herself. She slinked out of her kennel and climbed up onto Abby’s couch. It was an old second hand one and the cushions were slightly ripped. But it was better than a kennel.


Abby was the only one who seemed to have any energy left. She slowly crept around the apartment, investigating her apartment with her new finer tuned senses.


Abby’s apartment was not a large one. It was a single bedroom, with one bath a small kitchen and a living room. There was not really enough space for three adult wolves. The good news was that the front door had a latch handle instead of a knob. This meant they were able to get the door open to go outside, and that solved one major problem they would never speak of. However, Gina was reluctant to let them stay outside long or stray far from the apartment. Last thing she needed was for them to get mistaken for real wolves loose in the city. She didn’t think she’d be able to take getting shot with a tranq and waking up in the pound… Or wherever they took wild animals too.


The first day was a stressful one…. And none of them did anything but lay around and wait. However… Even when stressed one can only do nothing for so long before boredom takes hold. By the second day, the concern became less when were they going to change back, and more what could they do to pass the time.


Breana was making a valiant attempt while sitting on the couch to work the TV remote. At first she had tried setting the remote on the floor and pressing her paw down on it. However, this made it impossible to hit just one button. Now she held the remote in her mouth, chewing on it and trying to press down the right button with one tooth. The TV was on at least… But it was on mute, the brightness was set too high, and it was on the shopping network. It was a work in progress.


Abby had decided to pass the time by giving in to her animal instincts. She laid on her back as she chewed on the wooden leg of her coffee table. Why? Because it was there and she could.


Gina rose late for the day and groaned in annoyance when she saw Briana messing with the TV. Then she noticed Abby chewing on the table.


“Ruuuf!” Gina leaped over the couch and landed atop Abby. “Ruuuuff!” It was clear she was chewing her out for ruining the table.


“Arrrrrrrf.” Abby whined. She didn’t see what the problem was. It was her table. She could mess it up if she wanted.


“Arrrf!” Gina clearly disagreed. And Abby responded by biting her snoot. Gina’s eyes widened… And then she bit Abby’s tail.


The next moment, the two were rolling around the living room. The play fight was something they both needed, it gave them a way to blow off steam and elevate their boredom. Unfortunately, it came at the cost of many items in Abby’s apartment. Lamps were knocked off end tables, pictures fell off walls, an exercise bike that Abby always swore she was going to start using next week and never did was now missing half a handlebar and both pedals. Gina was currently running around the apartment with the handlebar in her mouth. She didn’t actually remember why she was trying to keep it away from Abby. Just that it was fun.


Breana watched this lazily from the couch, and would snarl anytime the other two wolves bumped into the couch and jostled her. She had almost gotten the TV the way she wanted it too! The volume was back and the color was normal! Just now it was stuck on the channel guide. But it was progress!


When the other wolves bumped into her one too many times, Briana finally lunged from the couch joining the fray. While this certainly made time pass faster, it did escalate the damage done to Abby’s apartment.


After about a week of this the front door sprung open and the  man in the lab coat stepped inside. He then froze as he observed the trashed apartment and the three wolves that had been in the middle of a wrestling match. All three had frozen and stared at him when he had come in… But none of them had let their opponent in their game go free. Breana had Abby’s tail in her mouth, while Abby had her fore paws over Gina’s backside. Gina meanwhile was biting one of Breana’s ears.


“Well uh… Hi…” The man spoke slowly. “Um… We think we figured out the antidote. Actually, funny story, it’s just the normal antidote! We just realized, that since the soda I spi- I mean the unknown contaminant was in the spray was only on the outside of your body it wouldn’t interfere with anything you ingest. So… We just put the antidote in some capsules you can swallow! Though… Come to think of it… By now you probably don’t have any of the contaminant remaining in your fur anyway and we probably should have just tried showering you off first and…” All three wolves released each other from their grapple and rose up to their full height on all fours staring at the man with burning intensity. “I’m going to just leave the antidote here and go outside…” He stammered and quickly put three capsules down on the floor.


Abby looked to Gina uncertainly. She wasn’t really sure how safe this was after what they had been through. Breana however had no hesitations. She wolfed down one tablet without hesitation. And then she began to change back. Her fur vanished, her body shape changed, and after about a minute she was human again.


Confident that it would work now, Abby and Gina both took their pill. And finally all three of them were human again.


“Thank goodness that’s over.” Breana jumped on the couch and grabbed the chewed up TV remote. “I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get back to my normal routine.”


“Yes, you’re certainly living it up now.” Gina would have said more, but her eyes wandered around the apartment as she realized how much damage had been done. “Wow… We really trashed this place.”


“Yeah we did.” Abby smiled. “But I was planning to redecorate soon anyway.”


“Abby, this is going to cost a lot to fix.” Gina put her hand to her forehead. “Though I suppose we should make them pay for it since this was their mess.”


“You can make them do that?” Abby looked up at Gina.


“Abby, what do you think I do for a living?” Gina gave her a deadpan look.


“I kind of just assumed you were in charge. Not sure of what, but in charge of something.” Abby shrugged.


“That’s half right.” Gina sighed. “I own a law firm. I’m a lawyer. I even specialize in consumer protection.” She paused. “Don’t worry about it now. Right now, I just want to get some human food in me. I am craving a hamburger so bad.”


“Oh are we going out for food?” Breana rose from the couch. “I wanna come.”


“I think we all deserve a treat after going through that… Plus I want to have a nice word with the man outside.” Gina started for the door.


“Hey, something just occurred to me.” Abby put a finger to her mouth. “So… Are we… Just going to go out there naked? Cause we’re kind of naked… And if that’s the plan that’s fine! I’m… surprisingly ok with this, but I wanted to be sure.”


“CLOTHES!” Gina’s eyes widened. “Yes, that…. Abby, please find us something we can borrow from your closet. I’d rather not end this day with an indecent exposure charge…” She paused. “Though I’m going to guess you won’t have any spare shoes in my size and…” She rubbed the floor with her barefoot for a moment. “You know what, don’t worry about shoes. Just get me something I can wear. Then we have words with Mr. Lab Coat. And then hamburgers.”


“Right! On it!” And with that Abby quickly ran back to her bedroom to find some clothes.

After a few months, the incident seemed to be behind the three girls. In fact, now it was something they would laugh and tease each other about. Gina would taunt Abby about her chewing on the furniture while Abby would want to know what Gina was doing with the bike handle anyway. Then both would have fun poking fun at Breana as being the laziest wolf ever. It really was kind of fun now that it was all over.


Abby was snickering to herself as she thought about it on the way to Gina’s place one day. To this point, they still couldn’t figure out what the thing with the bike had been about. They had just all gone a little stir crazy.


However, these thoughts were pushed from Abby’s mind as she approached the front door to Gina’s apartment. It was cracked open and Gina’s shoes and socked were laying right outside of it. Further away from the door, Abby would see the leg of a pair of one of Gina’s trademark slacks sticking out around the corner. Now concerned, Abby followed around the building, and saw one of Gina’s jackets near the edge of the woods that bordered the bordered her home.


“G-gina?” Abby called out, feeling rather alarmed as she approached the woods. Squinting her eyes, she could see a dress shirt discarded further in. It was as if the clothing was forming a trail. Not getting a response, Abby followed the trail into the woods, eventually coming across a bra, and then a pair of panties, and finally…


A wolf with a light brown coat of fur.


“Gina!” It was hard to forget what she had looked like. “What… How did this happen!?”


Gina whined, and gave Abby a confused look. It was clear she had no idea what was going on either. Suddenly, Abby’s phone began to buzz. This was enough to rouse Abby into activity. She had to call someone for help! The vacation group, they’d know what was happening! But as she began to dial the number she saw what the alert had been from. A text from Breana.


Abby felt her heart pounding as she pulled up the text. It was a picture of Breana’s arm, but covered in hair with pads on the end and black claws. The text message itself was garbled nonsense, as if Breana had been unable to properly type anything out.


Abby didn’t know what was happening, but she realized she needed to act fast. She didn’t know the company’s number by heart, so was trying to pull it up in a web browser. As she did, she felt a familiar itching sensation starting to grow over her entire body. And then her phone fell from her hand as her fingers lost their dexterity and her nails grew into claws.


And it was then she realized, all three of them were changing back.


The End


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