Thank you so much for your interest in ordering a commission! This page has all the information you need to do that, as well the current status on commissions and if current rates. Commissions open based on my current free time and workload. I prioritize getting Patreon rewards finished before I loo at if it’s possible to open commissions for a month.


Commission Status: OPEN



Current Commission Rates


Currently, the cost of commissions is $0.02 per word. Below are a few examples of commission types and what they would cost based off their word count. In addition, I give a discount based on the theme each month, see the commission form for details on that.


Flash Fiction: $20

Flash Fictions are 1000 word stories. They’re short and straight to the point. Good for if you want a brief scene or just want a really short and sweet transformation scene.



Standard Commission: $60

Standard commissions are 3000 word stories. These are my standard length short stories. Typically they work best with a small cast of characters and just a small amount of scenes.



Expanded Commission: $100

Expanded commissions are 5000 word stories. These are the longest stories I offer for on demand commissions right now, and are good for stories that involve more characters or multiple scenes.



Before you submit a commission request please take a moment to read over my Terms and Conditions.

Terms of Service


When you’re ready to place your order just feel out the Commission Request form with what you want! Make sure you include the best method to contact you in the form and I’ll get back to you to discuss more details as soon as I can.


Commission Request Form


Payment for all commissions is due when the rough draft is completed before it is shared. Payments are taken through PayPal.