Calex is only half faerie, but he still has the ability to be summoned. However, without the ability to teleport he has to take a longer route to get to where he’s needed. However, no matter how far, no matter how impossible he will always be there on time when his wolf needs him.



Ashcroft Investigations
By CalexTheNeko


Meanwhile, in hidden pocket between dimensions.


“You were foolish to oppose me within my own domain detective.” Lord Entropy slowly walked across the metal bridge towards his prey. The steel, robotic armor-clad monkey stopped just short of the pile of clothing laying on the ground. He moved aside the hat with his boot, revealing a very tiny gray wolf that was clambering to climb out of a comparatively giant dress shirt.


“Can you really blame me for trying?” Odin did his best to flash a confident grin. However, at a mere inch tall the six-foot interdimensional warlord was more than a little intimidating.


“Defiant to the end are we?” Lord Entropy shook his head. “Within the Polar Star Battle Station I am no less than a god. It took no less than a snap of my fingers to reduce you to that state. Now… Shall I show you show you what I can do with my whole hand? Or shall I crush you beneath my boot like the insignificant ant that you are.”


“Okay, I know it looks bad for me.” Odin took a few steps back, nearly tripping and tumbling down the side of his shirt. “But there’s actually a really good reason you should back off now.”


“And what could that be?” Lord Entropy asked. “You’re out of tricks little detective. It’s time you-“


“MROAWRL!” Suddenly, from somewhere up above in the machinery a small orange kitten dove down to the bridge landing directly between Odin and the warlord.


“What?” Lord Entropy stated flatly as he just stared at the new intruder.


“Well for starters him.” Odin pointed at the comparatively giant kitten as he backed behind one of the kitten’s hind legs.


“Who are you and… How did you even get in here?” Lord Entropy looked around the station confused. “This is my private universe. No one can come here without my permission! The detective is only here because I lured him here intro a trap.”


“The little guy is quite resourceful.” Odin gave a relieved chuckle. “He probably just-“  The wolf held up a finger and then paused. “Calex… How did you get here?”


“Well…” Calex thought about it.



Mere moments ago, back on Earth, in a large city on the East coast, within a cramped messy office, inside of a brown cardboard box. Calex lay on his back sound asleep. He was kicking one of his legs lightly and his tongue was sticking out slightly. Then, suddenly his eyes shot open.


“Gotta go.” Calex muttered as he suddenly flipped out of the box, leaped up onto a desk and then jumped out the window.


On the street, the kitten ran on all fours, passing several blocks until he came to a bridge overlooking train tracks. In one fluid movement the kitten leaped up to the bridge’s handrail, and then over the edge. He was just in time to land on the last car of a high-speed train that had been passing through right at that moment.


From there Calex moved slower, pressing his body against the roof of the train car as he crept towards the lead car. He leaped from car to car as he worked his way toward the front, until he was finally on the roof of the locomotive. He squinted as he looked around on either side of the train, then slowly raised his backside, and wiggled his hind legs as he prepared for a jump. Right before the train went into a tunnel Calex made his leap. He pounced from the side of the train, landing on a rocky hill which he proceeded to roll down while avoiding the sharper and more painful looking of rocks.


At the bottom of the hill, Calex got up and began running again. It wasn’t long before he came along a road, and he ran parallel to that until he came into a new city.


From there, Calex sprinted across town, breaking several jaywalking laws, until he arrived at the outskirts of a large international airport. It was easy for the kitten to find a spot he could dig beneath the fence and squirm his way onto the tarmac.


However, he came out right when a plane was coming down the runway for a takeoff. Instead of being run over, the kitten leaped straight up into the air as the plane passed under him, and then he landed upon one of the wings. And so the plane took off, kitten clinging to the outside wing.


“Mommy! Mommy!” A young coyote girl inside the plane tugged at her mother’s dress. “There’s a kitten on the wing of the plane!”


“Don’t make up stories deer.” The mother replied as she reached over and closed the window without looking.


On the wing of the plane, Calex dug his claws in, anchoring himself firmly in place. Once satisfied he was connected well enough, he laid his head down upon the wing and began to nap.


By the time Calex awoke, the plane was making its approach for landing in another populous city. Calex shook his head to free himself of fatigue, then jumped off the plane, falling hundreds of feet before landing atop the roof of a very large and very famous clocktower.


“Mew…” Calex took a moment to groom his ears and fur after his long trip, then used a roof access to get down and work began working his way down several flights of stairs. After several minutes of this, he emerged outside and began running again. He wasn’t sure where he was going, but he knew he had a very narrow window of opportunity to get there.


Outside a palace, a man with a very long scarf was in conversation with a younger lady next to a blue police box. They opened the box to step inside, neither one noticing the small orange kitten that ran in right before the door shut.


Inside the box was a wonder of technology and engineering. The scarf man began to press buttons and pull levers, and the phone booth vanished from the Earth as it entered the time stream. Traveling through time and space, the scarf man and the lady had a nice chat, until suddenly an alarm began to blare.


The source of the alarm, the door had suddenly opened while they were still traveling through the time stream. Standing in front of the open door was the small orange kitten. He waited for exactly four seconds as the other two registered he was there, then leaped out the door disappearing into the vortex of time.


“Was… Was that a cat?” The man in a scarf asked.


Flying through time, Calex angled himself downward and held his forepaws out in front of him. He knew he was looking for something, but he wouldn’t recognize it until he saw it. After a few minutes of this his eyes widened. A small, almost invisible line, a mere crack within the time vortex. The kitten continued to dive downward until he could slam his claws into the crack. The crack widened, as reality itself pulled back like paper. The kitten scrambled through the new hole before it quickly repaired itself as if this had never happened.


Now the kitten suddenly found himself in a mess of wires. He could hear people talking. One of them sounded like he was kind of a jerk. The other sounded like a much more high-pitched version of his best friend. The kitten clawed and bit at the wires to free himself and slowly worked his way downward. Then, he leaped down, landing on all fours directly between Odin and the likely jerk.


After considering all the steps Calex had taken to get here, when asked about his journey he gave the answer that he thought was most accurate.


“I walked.” The kitten replied with a shrug.


“Seriously?” Odin arched an eyebrow.


“Walked? Walked!?” The warlord nearly lost it. “You cannot simply walk into a hidden fold in space! That’s not possible. None of this is possible. How are you here! It doesn’t make any sense.”


“So… Is he like a bad guy?” Calex asked as he gave the ranting interdimensional being a wary gaze.


“Yup.” Odin nodded. “He was just threatening to crush me beneath his boot before you arrived.”


“Is that right?” Calex’s expression became more solemn, and there was a sudden intense glare to his eyes.


“I don’t know what you are or how you got here! Or what you think a mere kitten can do in this situation!” Lord Entropy had recovered his senses. “But know this! I am a god in this world! There is nothing you can do to fight me here! With but a wave of my hand I will reduce you to-“


“ROAWR!” Calex lunged forward with such great speed Entropy hadn’t even realized it until it was over. The kitten spun around, lifting himself up with his forepaws as he kicked back with both hind paws, hitting Lord Entropy right in the stomach, before bouncing off him and landing back on the ground.


Lord Entropy went flying, straight through the wall of the station, and then continued on as he broke through the fabric of space, creating a new hole that quickly fixed itself as the warlord vanished from sight.


“Did… Did you just knock him into another universe?” Odin asked.


“He said I couldn’t beat him here.” Calex shrugged.


“How did you do that?” Having witnessed it himself, Odin was struggling to understand what kind of physics would even be involved in this kind of thing.


“I just hit him. Duh.” The kitten gave Odin a concerned look. “You just watched me do it.”


“That… That I did.” Odin replied with an unenthusiastic nod.


“Anyway, need a ride?” The kitten lowered himself down close to the floor, allowing the wolf to easily grab two clumps of orange fur and pull himself up onto the kitten’s back.


“It’s greatly appreciated.” Odin patted the giant kitten behind the ears. “Alright Calex, let’s go home.”


“I have no idea how to do that.” Calex stated flatly.


“But… Didn’t you just… walk here?” Odin’s brain hurt.


“Yup!” Calex meanwhile was back to his mischievous playful grin.


“So… Can’t you just… Do that? But you know… Backwards?” Odin suggested.


“Impossible.” Calex replied happily


“I see.” Odin sighed. “Alright… Take me to the control room. I’ll guide you. I’m sure there’s something on this station I can use to make a makeshift wormhole generator.”


“Ohhhhh!” Calex’s eyes lit up. “That sounds sciency and amazing! Man… I wish I knew how to do things like wormholes.” The kitten began to trot forward happily, tail held high.


“Yes… What a world that would be.” Odin mumbled. It had been a long day. He was ready to go home. Hopefully, this wouldn’t take long.



The End

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