A bit of fanwork, me and a friend Arzure worked up. Arzure has a pichu character named Nelly that he was wanting to retool and had made an anthro design on. Meanwhile, I was working on a raichu design at the same time, decided to make them brothers and put them in a little anthro pokemon story universe. So here’s just a little tale with them.



Siblings Fight and Siblings Play
By CalexTheNeko


“Ah come on that’s not fair!” Nelly stamped his foot on the carpet as few sparks escaped the pichu’s cheeks and the faintest hint of tears showed in his blue eyes. “Why do you get to watch it if I can’t?” Several more sparks of anger flew off of him. Luckily, like most chus, or electric types in general, both his shirt and shorts were insulted to prevent any risk from catching on fire from a spare spark. And of course, the stone amulet in the shape of a thunderbolt he wore around his neck was in no danger at all.


“Because I’m eighteen and you’re nine.” Gale rolled his eyes. He was doing a bit better keeping his cool, being older. Though even if he had been sparking, he had less clothes to worry about ruining, wearing only a pair of black shorts. The violet eyed raichu was getting tired of this argument. “I’m not trying to be mean! You’re not old enough! You know mom and dad would kill me if they found out I let you watch it with me!”


“Well they don’t have to find out!” Nelly huffed.


“Oh yeah, cause I’m sure you’ll never say anything about the movie ever again.” Gale swished his tail. “Plus if it gives you nightmares that’s going to be a dead giveaway.”


“It will not!” Nelly shouted.


“Last time I -DID- let you watch one of these you slept with a night light on for a month…” Gale growled. “And I was grounded for that entire month. The answer is no. Just, go play in your room for a bit! I own the DVD it’ll still be around when you’re a little older.”


“But I want to watch it now!” This time, sparks didn’t just fly out from Nelly, but instead a full-blown blast of electricity flew across the room striking Gale in the chest. It wasn’t very strong, or effective, but it both showed the pichu’s frustrations and ignited the raichu’s temper.


“That’s enough.” Gale rushed across the living room and grabbed onto Nelly before he could even react. The raichu lifted the pichu over one of his shoulders, holding him tightly as he started for the stairs. “If you’re going to behave like a brat you can just stay in time out for a little bit.”


“Put me down!” Nelly released several Thunder Shocks in a row on his older brother. He knew it wasn’t enough to hurt him, but it was certainly enough to be annoying. And he continued to shock his brother as much as he could in the hopes of being dropped.


“No! You’re acting like a baby!” Gale responded. “Just… Play with some toys in you room or something.” As Gale reached the top of the stairs he opened the door to Nelly’s room, and rather than set him down gently, tossed the pichu into the room so that he landed atop the bed. “You’re in time out for thirty minutes! And don’t even think about trying to sneak out, my room is right across from yours. I see you come out that door and I’ll tell mom and dad you were a brat while they were away!” And with that final remark Gale slammed the door.


“You can’t put me in time out! You’re not in charge!” Nelly shouted this, despite knowing that Gale had in fact been left in charge while their parents were out. However, there was no response from the other side of the door. Gale had already left, leaving the pichu in his room. “Ugh… He thinks he’s so big. Wouldn’t act so high and mighty if he was the little brother.” Nelly paused at that thought. That was always an option. He had done it before after all… And while it usually meant getting in trouble with his parents, right now he felt it worth it.


Nelly quickly ran over to his desk and opened the bottom drawer. There was a secret compartment only he knew about, and within it were several vials containing different liquids and plants. Nelly grabbed several and an empty bottle and began to mix things together.


“Now… Should I just make him younger… Or also devolve him?” Nelly giggled as he made his plan. Just a younger age would do for now. Knocking Gale down an evolution or two was always fun, but there was just something great about seeing the raichu have to look up at him.



Meanwhile, Gale had retreated back to his own room so he could keep an eye on Nelly’s door. He had also brought the DVD back up to his room. The truth was, he felt a little bad about the treatment of his little brother. The little guy really just wanted to watch the movie, and obviously couldn’t understand why Gale was allowed to do something he wasn’t. The way he acted was unacceptable, but Gale understood why it seemed unfair. So, Gale made a decision. He put the DVD case containing the planned movie away and perused his collection for something else. Finding a cartoon that was more appropriate he pulled that one out. Something him and Nelly could watch together. Perhaps that would make up for this a little bit.


Still… Nelly was being awfully bratty about this. If he was still in a bad mood, it might be difficult to make this peace offering. And Gale had sort of just put Nelly in time out which probably wasn’t going to win him any brownie points. He needed something to make Nelly just a little more manageable.


In his own desk, Gale had several items not unlike the ones’ in Nelly’s. The first drawer was just full of thunderstones. Thanks to previous pranks by his younger brother he had found he had to buy those things in bulk now just to maintain his proper evolution. Two drawers down, he found his own potion making sets.


“Just a little younger.” Gale muttered as he brushed his red ponytail behind him while he worked. “Still old enough to have fun, but easier to manage.”


After finishing his potion, Gale returned to Nelly’s room and knocked. When there was no response he opened the door and looked inside while holding a glass bottle containing a blue liquid behind his back.


“Nelly look, maybe I was unfair but you need to unders-“ Gale froze as he realized the room was empty. The bedroom window was open and Gale could see a rope ladder hanging from the ledge. “Did he steal that from the treehouse?” Gale ran to the window and looked out to see if Nelly was in the yard. “Oh I am going to kill him when I find him.” He quickly took off out of the bedroom and down the stairs. He would canvas the entire neighborhood if he had to, whatever it took to find his younger brother.


Turned out, it was easier than expected. Nelly was just sitting on the couch in the living room.


“Hey, why’s the movie not starting!” Nelly was pressing buttons on the remote.”


“Because I put the DVD back in my room.” Gale sighed. He loved his brother, he really did. But when he was in a mood, he was a handful.


“Uh huh…” Nelly had already figured this out. After all, being carried over Gale’s shoulder he had seen the DVD case in his other hand. However, sitting on the couch made it easy for him to hide the glass bottle full of blue liquid behind him.


“Look, maybe I shouldn’t have yelled at you…” Gale paused for a moment. “Or carried you up the stairs like that. But… You have to understand you’re not old enough to do certain things yet.” Gale held out the second DVD he had gotten. “So… I thought maybe there was something else we could both watch together. Consider it a peace offering.” Gale held the DVD out to distract Nelly as he slowly moved closer, trying to get within range to use his potion.


“Really?”  Nelly feigned interest. On one hand, he did appreciate the offer. On the other, emotions were still running high and he was just waiting on the opportunity to spring his own trap. He stood up off the couch as Gale came to within a foot of him.


And then both chu brothers pulled the potions from behind their back, splashing the contents forward onto the other, resulting in each of them shrinking.


Gale’s changes were more dramatic, starting at eighteen years of age he shrunk quite a bit. His shorts slipped right off him, leaving him naked, not that it was a state he ever minded being in. However, he was hyper aware of the fact that he was going backwards in age fast. Twelve, ten, eight. How young had Nelly intended to make him? He was still staying a raichu, meaning that he wasn’t devolving, and that decreased the odds of winding up inside an egg, but his red ponytail was getting much shorter as he got younger.


Nelly had a bit of a shorter trip. His own clothes grew baggier on him, and he struggled out of them, soon standing naked except for the charm around his neck. It wasn’t his preferred form of dress… But, having an older brother who was a part time nudist and having been in these types of situations several times tended to leave one comfortable in their own fur. Regardless, his trip was much shorter as he went down in age from eight until just a couple months short of being two.


Which was right about the same age that the Gale stopped regressing.


The two toddlers stared at each other in disbelief, dropping their now mostly empty potion bottles on the ground. There was a long moment of silence, and then both of them broke into a fit of giggles.


“The same potion!” Gale laughed. “What are the odds!?”


“Well you were being a butt!” Nelly snorted. “So you deserved it.


“Like you weren’t being a brat.” Gale laughed, and the giggling fit continued for about a minute. And then just like that, all the tension had left the room, and the two chus were left standing there, mere toddlers now, both completely relieved of their anger.


“It’s just a dumb movie anyway.” Nelly spoke up first. “I’d rather be out playing but you just wanted to watch your thing.”


“Alright, alright…” Gale walked up and placed a hand on Nelly’s shoulder. “Let’s forget about the movie. Not like I’m old enough to watch it now anyway… Let’s play a game instead.”


“But what.” Nelly rubbed his chin trying to think. A lot of the toys they had would be a bit difficult to retrieve or use in their current states.


“I have an idea!” Gale quickly took off, only to fall on his face as running was hard at his current age. He then got up, and more slowly took off heading back up the stairs. He returned a few minutes later lugging a colorful coated toybox behind him.


“Is that?” Nelly’s eyes grew wide.


“Well…” Gale smirked. “Considering the amount of times you’ve done this to me by now.”


“You’ve gotten me just as many!” Nelly retorted.


“Regardless…” Gale grinned. “I decided it might be a good idea to hang on to some of our old toys.” He opened up the chest revealing several colorful toys all made for toddlers. Nelly approached the chest and began to dig through them before finally finding something that interested him.


“Oh!” He pulled out a colorful wooden block. “How many of these are there? Do you think we could make a castle?”


“Only one way to find out!” The raichu twitched his tail playfully as he helped dig the rest of the blocks out from the chest. Then the two got together, stacking the blocks atop each other. The resulting creation was more a tower than a castle, but the two were clearly having fun.


So much fun, they didn’t even notice when their parents had returned home. Normally… This would be the point where one or both of them got grounded for abusing their potions on their siblings again. And then one of the parents would have to figure out how to brew up an antidote. However, seeing the two toddler aged chus getting along so well, their parents decided to let this one slide.


In fact, to maintain the harmony maybe they’d keep them that age just for a bit. Just until spring break was over and the two had to go back to school.


The End

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