Spoiler Warning, this document list all Thirteen Tales, their victims, their transformations, transformation methods and culprits. If you have not read 2020’s Thirteen Tales yet and want to try to solve the mystery on your own this is your warning to turn back now.

Tale 1

Victim: Lockely

Starting Form: Anthro Fox

Ending Form: Faerie Fox

Culprit: Holly

Method: TF Virus Personality Quiz


Important Clues:

While the test gives Lockely magic, the quiz claimed the TF itself was science based.

Holly is actively programming on her laptop in this story. Was writing the program she would send.

Only two people are good with computer software Lockely and Holly, and Lockely was the victim.



Tale 2

Victim: Aurum

Starting Form: Anthro White Tiger

Ending Form: Tiny Feral Dragon

Culprit: Noel

Method: Magic Circle Trap


Important Clues:

Noel is one of the confirmed magic users and we know culprit was looking for a familiar.

Aurum got sight of something blue, Noel’s main color scheme is blue including his outfit and pom.

As a moogle Noel could fly allowing him to follow Aurum in the air without making any noises walking through the forest and remain unseen.




Tale 3

Victim: Kit

Starting Form: Anthro Roocoon

Ending Form: 5-Year-Old Anthro Dragon

Culprit: Charley

Method: Accidental lever pool activating the castle’s traps.


Important Clues

As a catmink has a thinner frame matching the lean figure.

Culprit is surprised by him being there.

Charley went to a number of locations solving puzzles, including one that involved levers.

Charley remembers thinking someone was sneaking up on him at the lever puzzle.




Tale 4

Victim: Jak

Starting Form: Jackalope

Ending Form: 7-inch-tall, 7-year-old Jackalope faerie.

Culprit: Arzure

Method: Bucket of fairy dust propped over a door, possibly intended for someone else.


Important Clues

The story and TF take place at a normal school.

While there are two students Arzure is the only one who goes to normal school. Kit goes to a magical school.

Arzure leaving school as fast as possible to get away with something.

Arzure has a half faerie friend that would give him access to faerie dust.




Tale 5

Victim: Pancake

Starting Form: Anthro Surmelle

Ending Form: Baby Anthro Mouse

Culprit: Lockely

Method: Accidental blast of faerie dust and setting off Rube Goldberg series of events hitting Pancake with his own science.


Important Clues

Small figure, glitter point to a faerie, which Lockely was post TF

Had to be able to slip through small window slit

Lockely was looking for some place abandoned to practice magic, Pancake designed shack to look abandoned.





Tale 6

Victim: Eshel

Starting Form: Anthro Grey Fox-Canaan Dog

Ending Form: Winged Raccoon (Before Changing Back)

Culprit: Kickaha

Method: Magic Book


Important Clues

The symbol on the book is the same design as on Kickaha’s back.

Kickaha was looking for a magic book in Shop Talk before Thirteen Tales

Temporary transformation as Kickaha’s magic is known not to last.

Seriously, the Quiet Joys of Library Science. Who else on the list, or even the population would name their magical book trap that?




Tale 7

Victim: Mat

Starting Form: Bat-Fox

Ending Form: Mega Micro Kitten

Culprit: Aurum

Method: Cursed Video Game


Important Clues

Game is delivered wrapped in Aurum’s scarf

Mat saw culprit had white and gold fur pattern. Aurum is only one with that color scheme before or after TF.

Spotted ear shape of culprit matches a feline, Aurum was a tiger.




Tale 8:

Victim: Zeelo

Starting Form: Anthro Cat

Ending Form: Shrunken Toddler Imp

Culprit: Jak

Method: Faerie Magic


Important Clues

Faerie dust, Jak is one of two possible faeries.

Popular media often associates faeries (especially the most well known faerie in pop culture) with the sounds of bells when they move.

Jak is the type to want to do right by someone, even if a little sassy, and TF was wish fulfillment for Zeelo matching that personality trait.




Tale 9

Victim: Kickaha

Starting Form: Foxyote

Ending Form: Ringtail Possum Kid

Culprit: Kit

Method: Magical Blast


Important Clues

Kit was one of the few confirmed magic users.

The castle Kit visits in his story is in the forest, Kickaha lives in the forest.

Kit has experience with playful transformation based jokes.

Before going to the castle, Kit made a side trip for “an opportunity that couldn’t be resisted.”

Long shaped paw prints match the roocoon’s paw shape.





Tale 10

Victim: Noel

Starting Form: Ivalice Moogle

Ending Form: Shrunken Baby Griffin

Culprit: Zeelo

Method: Magic Book


Important Clues

No footsteps, whoever did it had to fly.

Despite size, Zeelo is shown to be strong enough to carry heavy objects in imp form.

Culprit was someone Noel knew

Zeelo is one of two characters small enough to ride someone small as Noel




Tale 11

Victim: Holly

Starting Form: Raccoon

Ending Form: Japanese Pine Marten Yokai

Culprit: Eshel

Method: Accidentally dropped book while reshelving


Important Clues

Is one of three stories to take place in library.

Eshel is the only other one whose story takes place in a normal non-magical university library.

Eshel wakes up at library closing time to shelve books, it was technically after closing when Holly left so the two would have crossed paths.





Tale 12

Victim: Charley

Culprit: Pancake

Starting Form: Catmink

Ending Form: Shrunken Baby Catmik


Important Clues

Pancake mentions having access to more advanced lab.

Same chemicals that regress Charley regress Pancake in his story.

Pancake enjoys building gadgets and tools so would have been capable of building all the puzzles.





Tale 13

Victim: Arzure

Starting Form: Anthro Rabbit Kid

Ending Form: Satyr Kid

Culprit: Mat

Method: Science Portal Hoop TF



Important Clues

Mat works at a lab and just ran an experiment before his story.

Arzure unable to make out more than silhouette of culprit due to Mat’s dark fur colors.

Batfox form results in the unique shape of the silhouette confusing Arzure of the culprit’s species, Fluffy tail and pointed ears led to wolfish while bat wings led to thoughts of dragons.

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