Patreon reward for Snowheart. After clicking an ad to be adopted by a fairy godmother, Snowheart finds herself much younger as she goes through the adoption process.


Fairy Godmother
By CalexTheNeko


Snowheart was spending a quiet night at home when she came across what had to be the oddest internet ad she had ever seen. She was in her pajamas sitting in bed on her laptop when a website had a message pop up in the corner.


‘Thousands of fairy godmothers are waiting to adopt you now. Live life in true fairy tale. Click here now.’


Snowheart wasn’t so naïve as to think this was real. But whatever scam was trying to be pulled it was certainly different. And despite the fact she should have known better. The three tailed pink fox slowly moved her mouse over and clicked the ad. She expected to be taken to some page that would immediately ask for a credit card number. Or perhaps be told of a fairy prince who needed a money transfer in order to save his throne. Or something along those lines. But clicking the button didn’t load up anything. The page stayed exactly as it was. Not that Snowheart had time to notice that.


Because there was suddenly a bright pink flash in her bedroom, and suddenly floating above her bed was a small, winged woman. She was an adult, but appeared young, had light purple skin and seemed to glow with a similarly colored aura. A pair of translucent purple wings stuck out of her back which were busy flapping to keep her airborne. She had wild dark purple hair and pink eyes. She wore no clothing whatsoever, but didn’t seem conscious of that as she examined the room.


“So…” The fairy who suddenly appeared looked around. “You’re my new godchild? I expected someone… Younger.”


“I didn’t think the link would actually do anything!” Snowheart stared wide eyed at the fairy. “You’re… A real fairy?”


“That I am.” The fairy grinned wickedly. “And you’re a kitsune? Tell you what, if you can pretend I’m real I’ll pretend you’re real.”


“Okay.” That got a small giggle out of Snowheart. “That works. But um… I didn’t really expect anything to happen. Not really sure what a Fairy Godmother does. I mean… I remember the one in Cinderalla but it’s not like I’m trying to go to a ball or meet a prince.”


“Not everything is how it works in the movies.” The fairy grinned. “But, they got part of it right. It is our responsibility to keep our children safe. Now then, sweetheart what’s your name?”


“Um… It’s Snowheart.” The pink fox sat up straighter in her bed. “What do I call you?”


“Faeries don’t really deal in names, at least not the same way you do.” The faerie shrugged and landed on the bed sheets and looked up at Snowheart. “But I suppose just mom will do, if you’re able to say that much. Mama might be easier, though you might not be able to manage that either.”


“Um… What do you mean?” Snowheart asked uncertainly.


“Well, I can’t exactly take care of you as your Fairy Godmother if you’re already grown up now can I?” The purple faerie lifted into the air again and flew up to Snowheart to tap her lightly on the nose. “So just a quick adjustment.”


“Wait what do you-“ Snowheart didn’t get a chance to finish asking as suddenly she began to shrink into her pajamas. Then, two of her tails slowly vanished as they sunk back into her, indicating she was getting younger. Her features softened, she became more round, and was left with just one tail that seemed too short and fluffy for her body by comparison. Where the adult Snowheart had been sitting was now an infant fox kit, possibly even a newborn. Snowheart’s pajamas now lay around her on the bed in a pile. “Yip?”


“Much better!” The purple faerie seemed ecstatic. “Now I can do some proper godmothering.” She looked around. “But… Hmmmm, this isn’t really your proper age, meaning going to cause problems if you try to continue your normal life. We need to fix this.”

“Yip?” Snowheart crawled out of her pajamas, now naked but her fur, and crawled across the covers to get closer to the fairy.


“Don’t worry, I’ll keep you taken care of that’s the deal, just figuring out what’s going to work out best for your life.”


“Yip?” Snowheart asked again. She was more confused than anything… But having been in certain situations before realized what had happened to her. She was just a baby now. She probably should have been scared or nervous but… It was strange… The fairy had a calming presence about her. There was a certain warmth, that despite what had happened Snowheart couldn’t help but feel drawn to her.


“Got it!” The fairy snapped her fingers. “How would you like to see a real-life fairy village?” The fairy asked. “You know, where all the faeries live when they’re not busy acting as guardians to young children as they develop.”


“Yap!” Snowheart had to admit, that did sound interesting. She nodded eagerly. It wasn’t like she could do much on her own anyway in her current state, so she might as well see where this was going.


“Right then…” The fairy flew for the window then looked to Snowheart then the window. “Hmmmm, shoot, sorry, we’ve got another problem.”


“Yip?” Snowheart asked.


“Sorry.” The purple faerie looked disappointed. “To tell you the truth, you’re the first child I’ve ever been assigned to. And until just a few moments ago you weren’t even a child. So… Godmother school didn’t really cover what to do in this type of situation I’m having to figure it out by myself.” Realizing how she must look the faerie perked up. “But don’t worry! I’m going to do my very best! And I assure you I’ll be the best godmother you ever had and you’ll not want for anything! Just… If I leave you here as an infant, it’s going to cause problems with your old life… But you’re too big to take back to the village you wouldn’t even fit in my house and… Oh duh.” The faerie slapped herself in the face lightly. “Sorry, the obvious answer was there all along. Chalk it up to first day jitters! But, this is easily solved!” She flew directly above Snowheart and then flew in a circle dropping pink and purple dust down onto the infant fox.


And then Snowheart started to shrink again. This time however she wasn’t getting younger, just smaller. The fairy landed before her, and Snowheart watched as soon she approached the fairy in size, and then the fairy was bigger than her. Snowheart continued to shrink down until she was less than knee tall compared to the fairy. If they had been normal sized, Snowheart would have been the size of a normal infant compared to her.


“Yipppp!” Snowheart had been shrunk before in her past, but the fact she was currently an infant and it had happened so suddenly she couldn’t help but be a little startled.


“It’s okay, I’ve got you.” The fairy bent down and picked Snow heart up. She held the pink fox over her shoulder and petted her back gently. “Now you’re small enough for me to carry. I wouldn’t let anything happen to you. I mean, I’d be a really bad godmother if something bad happened.”


“Yiiip.” Snowheart leaned into the fairy. Her body was pleasantly warm, and there was a calming scent like lilac. She had a feeling that the fairy wasn’t succeeding as much at this godmother thing as she thought she was. Snowheart was naïve sometimes, but not stupid. She was pretty sure the fairy wasn’t supposed to reduce her to an infant or shrink her.


But she was also pretty sure the fairy wasn’t acting out of malice. She seemed really earnest, like she really wanted to be Snowheart’s godparent and keep her safe. She had just reached a couple of wrong conclusions. And yet… Being held by the fairy, Snowheart couldn’t deny that she felt safe. She leaned in even closer snuggling up against her new fairy parent.


“Right, let’s get you back to the village.” The fairy lifted into the air holding Snowheart. “I’m sure growing up out there where it’s quiet will be much better for your health than here in the city anyway… And I’ll make sure you have plenty of friends. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who’s let their godchild move in with them before.” The fairy flew to a window which opened by itself and flew out into the night sky clutching Snowheart close.


“Yip!” Snowheart looked down. At her size the distance looked incredible.


“Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall.” The fairy replied as she continued to fly. She rocked Snowheart gently in her arms and as she did, and the pink fox found herself drifting off to sleep.


When she woke up, she was inside the hollow of a tree. However, it didn’t appear to be naturally made but carved out. And there was furniture that was about the right size for Snowheart, or at least the right size had she been an adult. She was however laying on a small cot on the ground that was sized for her. It was almost enough to make her forget how small she was. Were she not still an infant incapable of speech she might even have forgotten and thought it all a dream.


“You’re awake!” The fairy flapped down from a room higher up in the tree. “Okay, I was worried. I didn’t know how long babies normally slept and if I was supposed to wake you or let you sleep but um…” She rubbed the back of her head. “Turns out I may have messed up. I got yelled at pretty fierce by the head godmother when I got back to the village. Says I should have turned you down instead of adopting you because of your age but you know… It’s kind of too late to do that now given…” The fairy gestured at Snowheart’s young body. “So, you can stay in the village. Turns out, I’m not the only one whose made this mistake before so you’ll have some playmates. I’ll take you to meet them later. Cute bunch. Couple of kittens, one orange one brown, then there’s this blue and black rabbit.” She paused. “Oh but uh… We aren’t supposed to let people come to the village ever so you’re not really supposed to leave now. Anyone who does would be cursed.”


“Yip?” Snowheart asked alarmed.


“It’s okay! I’ve got it figured out!” The fairy insisted. “You can’t leave the village, but as long as you’re like this I’m allowed to keep taking care of you. So… If you just never fully grow up you can stay in the village as a resident forever and then never have to get cursed. Brilliant right?”

“Yip…” Snowheart had a feeling being stuck as a baby was a curse in and of itself. But, it sounded like at least she wasn’t going to be alone in this. That was a silver lining.


“Come on don’t look so down.” The fairy patted Snowheart on the head. “I promise I’ll make sure this is absolutely magical and wonderful experience for you! I mean, that’s what a godmother is supposed to do, right?” She grinned. “And I bet you’ve never had fairy food before. So, you’ll get to try that.” She picked Snowheart up and held her over a shoulder again. Then the fairy flew up to a hole exiting out of the tree.


This was where Snowheart got her first look at the entire village. There weren’t houses or buildings in the traditional sense. Just lots of trees with holes in them. However, considering the hole she had just come from was pretty much a house Snowheart didn’t find it that strange.


“Alright, after a nap that long you must be hungry.” Her fairy godmother spoke up. “So, let’s go get you some food. Then I’ll take you to meet your new playmates.”


The End

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