So maybe weird transformation things happen to Aurum when Calex is around. That’s gotta be related to the kitten. Surely when he’s on his own getting groceries nothing weird can happen.



And Suddenly Kobold
By CalexTheNeko


Aurum was having a pretty normal day. He had just finished  grocery shopping and was now walking down main street, with a paper brown bag in his arms heading back to his apartment. The white and gold tiger hummed to himself as he walked and thought about what he’d do for the rest of the day. Like usual, he was dressed in his black tank top, pants and scarf. He knew of a certain kitten who would chide him for that, but the kitten was going to have to eventually accept that normal people didn’t have the problems he did. After all, things only got chaotic and Calexy when the kitten was around.


Still, they were fun times. And Aurum didn’t mind it every now and then. But today he was sticking to himself. Maybe he’d go out to movies after he got the groceries put away. Just a normal lazy Saturday afternoon.


And it was at that point that a bright purple and pink egg-shaped spaceship appeared floating in the sky.


“Mortals! Tremble in fear!” A high-pitched voice screeched over the loudspeakers coming out of the ship. “The Hard Boiled has been repaired and is fully operational! And this time there will be no meddlesome pests to stop my reign! Soon, you will all serve under the mighty ruler, Whiskers, king among all dragons!”


“You have got to be kidding me.” Aurum stared up at the spaceship floating above the city. He had been told a story about a ship like this, but it was real? Crazy things like this weren’t supposed to happen when Calex isn’t around and- “Wait did he say his name was Whiskers?”


“Now tremble in fear!” Whiskers boomed. “Wait, I’ve already used that line. I need something different. Quick, someone give me a line.” Whiskers was talking to someone else on the ship. “Oh… Oh, that’s good I like that. Ok. Your! Wait… Red blinking light means the mic is on… Has… Has it been on the entire time? Um…” There was silence for a moment. “Forget everything you have heard! It was all just a ruse to put you in a false sense of ease! For the time of your subjugation has come!”


Aurum knew he probably should have been running and looking for a place to hide. But he was staring at a pink and purple egg floating in the sky while someone that sounded like a spoiled child screamed over a loudspeaker. However, when suddenly several holes opened up in the egg and what were clearly enormous guns began to stick out of it Aurum was roused to his senses and decided it was time to get out of here. The guns began to fire, shooting out purple lasers all over the city. Citizens fled for their lives, but several were hit by the purple rays.


Including Aurum.


Aurum had the familiar sensation of shrinking down, though it was not as intense as the last two times. His fur seemed to recede into his skin revealing that he had a set of silver scales now with gold stripes along the back. His tail became thicker at the base, and thinner at the tip while horns pushed from the top of his head. His feet took on the look of more reptilian paws and both his hand and foot claws were no longer retractable.


And of course, he was now tangled up in clothing that was far too big for him. Being somewhere around two and a half feet tall his pants were a mess, twisted up around his legs and tail and his shirt was practically a tent.


“How do things like this keep happening!?” At least Aurum was big enough to see what he was doing. He sat down on the ground and pulled his legs free of his pants and was then able to crawl out from his shirt. Now naked except for his scales, he realized something was missing. Looking at his discarded clothes, he quickly grabbed his scarf. He hadn’t even noticed when it came off. He wrapped it around him as tight as possible even if it was way too big. He was going to at least keep this.


And then there were his groceries, he had dropped the bag when zapped and half were spilled out onto the ground.


“Kobolds have no choice but to serve to dragons! Soon you will all bow down to-“ Whiskers stopped as another, more mature voice could be heard.


“Sir, the brig has been destroyed, and now something is tearing its way through the ship. Literally. Entire segments of the ship’s interior are now gone.”


“That… That’s impossible! That prison was built from the strongest metal in the galaxy!” Whiskers protested.


“And yet, here we are.” The more mature voice sounded tired.


“Okay, it’s fine, we can still take care of this!” Whiskers sounded terrified. “We just have to ready the weapon before they reach the bridge and-“ There was a loud crashing noise at this point. “Oh please no! Not in the face!” And then the speaker went silent as pieces of the spaceship started to fall off and crash to the ground.


“So… That’s happening.” Aurum stared up at the ship. Just, how was he supposed to be prepared to deal with random eggs that shoot kobold lasers!  Even if he wasn’t there, he could hear the kitten’s mocking tone about the dangers of clothing and sudden transformations. “Doesn’t prove anything.” Aurum muttered through gritted teeth.


The former tiger now kobold grabbed his bag of groceries and filled it back up. Of course, the bag felt heavier now thanks to his much smaller frame, but he was going to have to manage. He then retrieved his fallen clothes and tossed them in the bag as well so he could get those taken home. With that he took one more look up at the egg spaceship which had more and more pieces breaking off of it.


“Yup, think I’m just going to go home and try to forget this happened.” Aurum muttered as he turned away and resumed his walk home. As a result he didn’t even see the explosion when the ship burst in a spectacular display of purple and orange fire. Nope, Aurum was going home and having none of this.


But of course… Even after getting home it was going to be hard to forget it had happened. After all, he was still a kobold. And his new kobold body couldn’t even reach the shelves in the pantry the groceries went on.


“Good grief…” Aurum muttered. But he had no way to change back. He’d just have to adapt.


The End

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