A female basketball player finds herself shrinking right before a major game.



A Fair Deal
By CalexTheNeko


“Well, if it isn’t Trixie. And here I was worried we might actually have a challenge this week.”


“Hello Donna.” Trixie muttered through gritted teeth. She suddenly found herself hyper aware of her own current appearance. There was nothing actually wrong with how she looked; her long red hair was held back by a band, she was in t-shirt and shorts, sneakers and had her gym bag slung over her shoulder. However, Donna was the type of person who loved to find the littlest things to criticize someone over, and so Trixie found herself naturally on edge around her.


“Now what’s with that attitude? You seem so unhappy to see me.” Donna was a full three inches shorter than the practically Amazonian Trixie, but held herself with a haughty air that made her more imposing. Everything about her appearance seemed designed with the purpose of intimidating others from how she combed and tied back her blond hair to her ridiculously expensive designer pantsuit.


“You know what it’s about.” Trixie rolled her eyes and tried to move on. She was just a few feet from the door of the stadium. She was here for practice right now; But tomorrow night was the game. Overall in terms of the season, the game wasn’t of any more importance than any other. But, it was a chance to rub another possible win into Donna’s face.


The fact was, Trixie and Donna had known each other for years. They had been friends in high school and had planned on attending the same college. However, when both of them applied for the same basketball scholarship and only Trixie received it Donna had been furious. She accused Trixie of having somehow found a way to cheat on the application, because there was no possible way anyone could have thought Trixie was the better player. On that day they went their separate ways. Years passed before they met again, and in truth Trixie had mostly forgotten about her former friend as she pursued her career in basketball. She had gotten picked as a first draft and things were looking up. Then on her first professional game she found herself standing opposite of Donna.


She had hoped that they could put the past behind them, even be friends. They could laugh over how petty and stupid they had been in high school. But Donna was still holding a grudge. And the fact that Trixie’s team not only won, but Trixie had made the winning shot that pushed her team up by 1 point had only added fuel to Donna’s rage. She was nothing like the friend Trixie remembered. Now, Donna was just a vile rival fueled by envy and anger. Trixie always hated the time leading up to the yearly game against Donna’s team. But, she did have to admit to herself that winning again and again did give her some petty satisfaction.


“Honestly, is that any way to talk to an old friend?” Donna asked. “I just wanted to see you again before the game. And to ask you not to hold a grudge when I beat you, because this time you’re guaranteed to come up short.”


“Uh huh sure.” Trixie started heading for the door. Sometimes it was best to just walk away.


“Don’t you ignore me!” Donna started after Trixie, then suddenly gasped in horror and pointed at her bag. “What… Is that!?”


“Eh?” This gave Trixie pause and she looked over her shoulder to see what had upset Donna so much. All she saw was a bottle of soda sticking out of her bag. “Soda?”


“Oh, Trixie, I can’t believe you could be so stupid.” Donna shook her head. Her voice contained the disdainful tone she always held was there, but now there was something like honest concern there. “If you ever want your athletic career to go anywhere you should avoid something that… Heinous. It’ll wreck your body. I use nothing but sugar-free substitutes for all of my meals. If you can’t get sugar completely out of your diet you’ll never improve your performance.”


“I don’t think that’s-“ Trixie caught herself before she let herself get sucked into an argument. “Okay, fine. Sugar bad. Didn’t know you were so scared of a few extra calories. I’m going to practice.” Trixie didn’t hear what Donna said in response to this as she quickly opened the door and stepped inside.


She let out a sigh of relief once she saw that Donna wasn’t going to follow her. Thank goodness the game was just one night away. Donna would be out of her hair before she knew it. She started off for the lockers but paused as she heard a strange sound. It was like the ringing of a very tiny bell.


“What was that?” Trixie spun around trying to see where the noise had come from. There wasn’t anyone or anything else in the lobby besides her. “Great now my ears are ringing.” She groaned as she continued on to the locker room.


“Hey Tricks, you’re late.” Trixie was greeted with the team’s pet name for her as she entered the locker room. The room was now mostly empty, as the rest of the team would have been on the court already. The only one left in here was Shelly, one of the teammates Trixie was closer with.


“It was the Donna factor.” Trixie muttered as she moved to her locker and began to undress.


“Look, I know that girl was your high school friend, but she cray-cray.” Shelly smirked as she said it.


“Your not wrong.” Trixie laughed. “You know, I think the repeated losses might be taking a toll on her. Maybe we should let her win one before she snaps.”


“Or… Hear me out.” Shelly sported a confident smirk. “We beat her so bad she finally does snap, and then we can lock her up and never see her again.


“Wouldn’t that be wonderful.” Trixie shoved her street clothes and her bag into her locker and began to put on her uniform.


“Just saying, she keep walking around that uptight something gonna break.” Shelly turned away and headed for the door. “But let’s worry about that later. Coach will kill us if we’re not out there soon.”


“I swear if those two ever meet outside a game one of them is going home on a stretcher.” Trixie couldn’t help but smile, especially since she had a pretty good idea of who would win between the two in a fist fight. By this point she had her jersey and shorts on and just needed her court shoes. She quickly slipped into them, tied them and-


There was the ringing of that tiny little bell again.


“Ok what is that?” Trixie looked around the locker room. It sounded like it had been close, but she didn’t see anything. Was she coming down with some kind of ear problem? Because that could get annoying fast. She tried not to think about it. If she kept hearing ringing noises she’d set an appointment with the doctor. Right now she had practice. Trixie stood up from the bench and walked forward-


And immediately fell flat on her face.


“OW!” She had been lucky enough not to break or seriously injure anything, but that had hurt! “What did I trip over?” She quickly climbed back to her feet and looked around. Nothing. Except… Her shoes felt exceptionally roomy on her. Looking down at them it was obvious they were way oversized for her. “Oh I know none of you decided to replace my sneakers with some clown shoots!” Trixie shouted, though she doubted they could hear all the way out on the court. 


Trixie slipped out of the oversized shoes and slid them under the bench. As she did, she noticed that her socks were loosing and falling down on her. They must have gotten caught on the shoes when she took them off. She quickly pulled her socks up tighter and looked around the locker room. She had to find where her real shoes were. They weren’t in her locker. After removing her uniform and these shoes the locker had been completely empty before she put her bag in there. She was sure of it. So where?


Trixie bent down and looked underneath the benches in each row of lockers. Nothing under any of those. Maybe someone had hidden it in their locker? That was just mean. How was she supposed to get it! Then again… The most likely culprit was probably Shelly… And she had a pretty good idea of what Shelly’s locker combination was.


As she moved to the locker, she felt her clothes sliding against her. Was she working up a sweat or something just trying to find her shoes? If so she was way too on edge and needed to calm down. She took a deep breath then tried the combination she suspected was Shelly’s. 5, 30, 14, or May 30, 2014. It was the birthday of Shelly’s kid.


The locker swung open revealing the contents inside. Mostly the same as Trixie’s own locker. It had Shelly’s street clothes and her bag. Could the shoes be in her bag? That seemed unlikely, and Trixie felt like she had already invaded too much of her friend’s privacy by opening her locker. It must have been one of the other players. She slammed the locker closed, feeling somewhat guilty for suspecting her friend. A feeling that faded immediately when Trixie’s shorts suddenly fell down around her ankles.


“Oh what the heck!?” Trixie shouted. Her basketball shorts looked like they were at least six sizes too big for her all of a sudden. Yet, they had fit fine just a few moments ago. Even if someone had somehow managed to find a way to swap her shorts out for giant ones, she had somehow not noticed till now, and they had somehow waited this long to fall off, there was one thing that proved the things had somehow magically gotten bigger. Trixie’s underwear was sitting inside the shorts, also several sizes too large.


It hit her all at once. She had been so focused searching through the locker room she hadn’t noticed. But everything was now noticeably bigger than it was supposed to be. That was why she had felt her clothes rubbing on her earlier, that must have been when they first got too loose. Trixie was shrinking.


She didn’t know what to do. What does a normal person do in this situation? It was clearly something impossible! People couldn’t shrink. Yet, there was no denying that was exactly what was going on right now. Was it something she ate? Had she been exposed to radiation? Had she accidentally offended an old hag who was secretly a witch? Trixie couldn’t think straight. Nothing made sense.


Trixie needed to sit down. However, the fact it took some effort to sit up on the bench only drove the insanity of the situation home more. As she was sitting, her toes could barely touch the locker room floor. She looked like a kid now who was trying to wear their mom’s jersey. At least with being this small the jersey provided some modesty.


“Ok, think Trixie.” She started talking to herself to try and make herself focus. “Something is obviously wrong with you, so… You need to see a doctor. Or… Is this the type of thing that requires an exorcist? Or a wizard? Are wizards real? Five minutes ago I would have said no but apparently my total understanding of the world is completely wrong. It’s a dream. That would explain everything. It has to be a dream right?” As much as Trixie wanted to believe this, she already knew it to be false. There was no way she’d be this lucid in a dream. Still, it didn’t stop her from pinching herself several times trying to ‘wake up.’


“Tricks, you coming out anytime today?” The door opened as Shelly stepped back inside. She had a basketball under one arm and looked moderately impatient. Then she saw the diminished Trixie, and managed to mutter a flat “What?” as she dropped the ball.


“Shelly! Thank goodness!” Having someone else here gave Trixie a small sense of comfort. She leaped up from the bench and ran to her friend. Trixie had been the tallest player on the team. Now she was slightly below Shelly’s waistline. Her jersey covered her all the way down to her ankles. “I think I need help.”


“YOU THINK!?” Shelly managed to scream. She grabbed Trixie with both arms and lifted her up. “You look like a toddler. What happened!?”


“I don’t know!” Trixie squirmed in Shelly’s grasp. “And put me down!”


“Sorry…” Shelly dropped Trixie without thinking. This resulted in Trixie landing on her back. Luckily, thanks to weighing less now she had managed to avoid injury again. “Oof, sorry again. Look I don’t know what to do right now! This… This kind of thing doesn’t just happen!”


“I know that!” Trixie replied. “How do you think I feel! I’m the one that’s shrinking!” The neck of her jersey slid down over her shoulder and exposed one of her arms. At the rate she was it was going to be in danger of completely falling off.


“Okay… Look! Think. This can’t just happen right? If this was a thing that just happened we’d have heard about it before.” Shelly was speaking in a hurried voice, clearly trying to come up with some explanation in her head for what had happened.


“R-right…” Trixie took a few steps back from Shelly. She was starting to look really large and intimidating. Trixie’s jersey was now large enough for her to slip through the neck hole with ease. She barely managed to grab the edges of it with both hands before it fell off her as she made a futile effort to hold it up. Considering she was now only knee-high to Shelly and seemed to still be getting smaller she was not optimistic about her situation.


“So something had to have caused this!” Shelly began to pace back and forth. After she noticed Trixie moving away from her, and how she must look to the shrinking woman she made sure to pace in the opposite direction. “Let’s retrace your steps! See if we can figure out what did this! If we can do that, we can probably figure out how to fix it! Or at least have a place to start.”


“Y-Yeah…” Trixie nodded. They hadn’t actually accomplished anything yet. But having a plan was good. Having a plan made it easier not to give in to panic. She was able to calm down enough to go over her day in her head. “I can’t think of anything out of the ordinary that happened. I got up, had eggs for breakfast, took a shower, read for a bit, then came straight here. Oh, right and I ran into Donna on the way here. Uggh.”


“Donna!” Shelly seized onto that name instantly. “She must be behind this! Somehow…” It was clear she still had no idea how this was happening.


“Donna can be pretty terrible sure…” The shirt was starting to get really heavy in her hands. With a sigh, Trixie released it, now standing naked on the locker room floor, and no higher than Shelly’s thighs. “And… I could see her doing something like this if she could! But… Donna’s just a girl I went to high school with. I don’t think she would be able to do something… Like this.” She gestured down at her body.


“You think that, but I wouldn’t think people could just magically shrink either.” Shelly retorted. “And from the sound of it, nothing else happened today. So she seems like the most appropriate culprit. Where is she? I’m going to have words with her.”


“Do you mean actual words, or are you going to fight her?” Trixie glanced upward.


“I don’t see why it can’t be both.” Shelly shrugged. “And… Uh, it’s… Getting kind of hard to hear you down there… Do you care if I um… You know, pick you up again.”


“Uhhhh…” Trixie looked around. She was practically the size of a mouse now, maybe only two inches tall at most. She suddenly felt very vulnerable down here on the floor. If someone walked in now, they could easily fail to notice her until they stepped on her. “Yeeeeaaaaah.”


“I’ll try to be gentle…” Shelly bent down and slowly closed her hand around Trixie. She moved with glacial speed, terrified of accidentally hurting the small girl. It took her well over a minute before she was standing up again and opened her hand up.


“T-thanks.” Trixie shuddered. She was currently sitting on her knees in the center of Shelly’s palm. It really drove home just how small she was now. But it was better than being down on the floor. There was something else she noticed. It took her a minute to realize it… “I think I stopped shrinking.”


“Maybe?” Shelly squinted at Trixie for a few seconds. “Yeah… I don’t think you’re getting any smaller. Now… How do you think Donna did this?”


“You really think it was her?” Trixie still wasn’t completely sold that Donna could somehow cause this. Then again… She remembered her earlier encounter today. Donna had been just as haughty as ever, and she had been pretty confident about her win. And what had she said… That Trixie would come up short? Trixie didn’t put much thought into it at the time. She figured it was just pointless bluster. Donna was just being overconfident in her skills.


But now?


What if Donna had been sure she was going to win… Because what if she had known that Trixie wasn’t going to play? At two inches tall there was no possible way that Trixie could play in the game tomorrow. But to actually shrink a rival player to keep them out of a game? Would Donna go that far?


Yeah… Yeah Trixie knew she would. But she still didn’t know how.


“Maybe Donna is responsible…” Somehow, as soon as Trixie spoke these words she knew in her heart it was true. It actually hurt, to know that her former friend was now this petty and hostile. “But I don’t know how she or anyone could do this.”


“Well, in that case we better go find her and ask.” Shelly puffed out her chest. “I’m going to hit her. Hard. Until she tells me how to fix this. If she gives up the answer right away I may hit her anyway. Now, where is she?”


“I have no idea.” Trixie shrugged. “I saw her outside the stadium, but she’s likely long gone by now.”


“Come on Tricks give me something.” Shelly sounded like she was pleading. “You gotta have some idea where to look.”


“Not… Really…” Trixie was trying to think… But it wasn’t as if Donna was a local anymore. She didn’t have a home anywhere in town. “She’d have to be staying at a hotel somewhere. Maybe her entire team is? If you call their coach she might be able to tell you.”


“Somehow I don’t think that’s going to work.” Shelly shook her head. “Hello! Hi! I’m a player from the other team. You know, the one that has an absolutely bitter rivalry with yours. Will you tell me where your players are staying so I can go punch one of them in the face?”


“You don’t have to tell anyone you’re going to punch her.” Trixie gave a hefty sigh.


“I ain’t no liar.” Shelly replied. “You know I speak my mind. Besides, even if I didn’t tell them that there’s no way they’d give the hotel to a rival player.”


“Yeah, yeah…” Trixie understood. A rival player asking for that information would be assumed to be up to no good. If only there was someone else who knew where she’d be staying. But Donna hadn’t lived here for years now. Trixie doubt she was still in contact with anyone in town except maybe her parents. “Wait… That’s it!” Trixie stood up with a triumphant grin. “Her parents still live in town!”


“You think she’s staying with her parents instead of her team?” Shelly seemed unsure.


“Doubtful, but I would bet money that her parents know where she’s staying.” Trixie couldn’t believe that hadn’t occurred to her earlier. “I  mean, she might be evil personified but I’m pretty sure even she’d make time to see her parents if she’s back home.”


“And they’d know where she’s staying.” Shelly grinned. “Now… Where do they live?”


“Uhhhh.” Trixie didn’t actually know that. “Maybe check a phonebook? People still make those. Her last name is Smith.”


“There’s going to be a lot of Smiths in the phonebook…” Shelly looked tired already. “I don’t even know if I could call them all in one day to find out which of ‘em is Donna’s folks… Though… If the entire team did it! Okay, I’ve got an idea! We’re going to split this up, find Donna’s parents, then find Donna, then I’m going to punch her in the face.”


“Could… Could you try to figure out how to change me back before punching her?” Trixie pleaded. “She can’t really answer questions if she’s unconscious.”


“I make no promises!” Shelly shouted. “But I will hold back the first one. Now, let’s get going, have to let everyone know the plan.” Shelly started for the door, this had the effect of jostling Trixie who fell onto her side and nearly rolled out of Shelly’s hand. “Oh shoot sorry!”


“It’s fine…” Trixie felt like her head was spinning as she tried to sit back up. “But… Maybe riding in your hand isn’t the best idea.”


“I could put you in my bag.” Shelly suggested.


“Uhhhhh…” Trixie could just see everything Shelly packed sliding around inside that bag. Thick romance novels, sporting equipment, some of her kid’s toys… Getting knocked around between those didn’t seem like a good time. “Maybe… I should wait here… Just… Set me on top of the lockers so no one steps on me.”


“You sure?” Shelly seemed confused, but did as asked. She reached up over the lockers and let Trixie walk off her hand and onto the locker.


“Ok. I’ll be safe here.” Trixie tried to assure her. “No one’s going to step on me, and if you tell the other team they’ll know I’m here… Just… Don’t leave me here all night please. Come back even if you can’t find her.”


“Oh don’t worry, I’m coming back.” Shelly grinned. “And I’m finding Donna. And if she doesn’t talk; I’ll drag her back here by the hair.” And with that remark Shelly was heading out the door. If Trixie wasn’t currently two inches tall, she would have worried for Donna. But somehow, the current situation dulled her empathy for the lady.


“So… Guess I’ll just wait here…” Shelly sat down with her legs hanging over the edge of the lockers. “Really should have asked her to bring me a snack or something before leaving.” She realized she might be here for a few hours with nothing to do. At least, if she was bored it meant she wasn’t in danger.


The ringing of a small bell sounded.


“There’s that noise again.” Trixie glanced around. This time she was sure the noise had come from below her. Maybe it wasn’t an ear problem. But what was it? She tried to think. The first time she had heard it was right after she talked to… Donna!


Could it be related?


Trixie looked over the edge of the locker and tried to listen for the sound again. She realized she could still just barely hear it. It was more muffled than the first few times she had heard it, but it was still there, constantly going.


And it was coming from Trixie’s own locker.


“Okay… No problem…” Trixie muttered. “Just gotta get my locker open somehow. My locker… Which the door is now easily ten times my size. Piece of cake.”


At least the holes in the sides of the locker gave Trixie plenty of foot and handholds as she started to climb down. As she did, she kept muttering to herself not to look down. Falling from here would have been like falling from a cliff… And  it may not actually hurt her that much due to being so small, but it was still terrifying. She continued down until she was even with the lock.


“Alright… You can do this…” Trixie climbed as close to the lock as possible and reached out with one hand. She could just barely touch it. Thankfully, it wasn’t difficult to turn. Slowly she started to put in her combination. 23, 49, 18. The numbers had no significance, she had used a random number generator for it.


The locker door swung open. Trixie let out a squeak as she was nearly thrown from her perch. Somehow, she was able to hang on. But she felt like this experience was taking years off her life. Now, she slowly moved to the right until she could climb onto the inside of the door. From there, she began to climb down and to the right, until she could reach the bottom of the locker with her foot. She stepped off into the walker and collapsed for a moment. She was just so happy to have solid ground beneath her feet again.


Now where was the noise? She knew she had heard it come from here. She peered around and strained her ears trying to listen


The ringing was still there. It was coming from her bag.


Climbing the bag proved much easier than climbing the locker. For a start, it was slanted at an angle rather than straight up. Secondly, even though there weren’t any handholds, the canvas provided much better friction preventing her from slipping off. It only took her a few seconds to climb up to a pouch on the outside that the noise was coming from. Bracing her feet against the bag she grabbed the zipper and opened the pouch.


And a second tiny woman came tumbling out.


The new girl huffed and squeaked, clearly irritated by suddenly being dropped out of the bag. She quickly climbed to her feet and gave Trixie a disapproving look. Trixie meanwhile was trying to process what she was seeing. This new girl was just as small and just as naked as her. However, her hair was a vibrant green and she had a pair of translucent wings coming out of her back. Then every time she moved there was the sound of tiny ringing bells. A more jerky or sudden move resulted in a louder bell.


“The Tricky one could have warned Bellflower before doing that!” The winged girl that Trixie was pretty sure was a faerie stomped her foot on the bag.


“I’m sorry… Tricky one? Bellflower?” Trixie was beyond confused.


“You are the Tricky one, are you not? That is what they call you.” The fairy tilted her head from side to side. “And you may call Bellflower Bellflower.”


“Okay… But it’s Trixie actually…” Trixie was still processing what was happening.


“That is what Bellflower said!” Bellflower threw her hands. “Humans can be so strange at times. And Bellflower was having such a good nap too.”


“Uh yeah okay so this is happening.” Trixie took a deep breath. “Who are you-“


“Bellflower already said-“


“Bellflower, I get it. But what are you? And why are you in my bag?” Trixie demanded.


“Bellflower thinks it should be obvious.” The fairy smiled and floated into the air. “Bellflower is a pixie, of the seelie court. And Bellflower was simply napping. The spot was so comfortable during Bellflower’s job that she simply could not resist.”


“Okay…” Trixie was starting to feel exhausted just speaking to the faerie. “Bellflower, what was the job?”


“Bellflower is confused that Tricky one can’t figure it out herself.” Bellflower gave her a deadpan stare. “Bellflower thinks it’s pretty obvious, considering you are now Bellflower sized.”


“You’re responsible for this.” First Trixie said it flatly. Then anger flowed through her. “YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!” She lunged forward to grab the fairy, but she quickly flew over her head.


“Bellflower was just keeping her word. Bellflower was given a gift. Was asked for a favor in return. Bellflower agreed.” The fairy explained. “Bellflower’s favor was to prevent you from playing in the game.”


“So you shrunk me!?” Trixie stomped her foot.


“Bellflower understands that this human sport benefits the vertical. So, if Tricky one is less vertical, she is unable to play. And Bellflower decided to make much less vertical just to be safe.”


“Change me back!” Trixie demanded.


“Bellflower cannot do that.” The fairy crossed her arms. “She made a deal.”


“With who?” Trixie suspected the answer.


“The Envious one, obviously.” Again, the fairy looked at Trixie as if she was dumb. “Bellflower snuck into your bag while you two talked. For a Tricky one you fall for tricks easily.”


“That’s not what my name me-“ Trixie decided not to push that point. “You just can’t shrink people!”


“Bellflower is fairly certain the current evidence suggests otherwise.” The fairy seemed annoyed. “But Bellflower will fetch you a mirror if needed.”


“I can’t believe this is happening.” Trixie was furious. “And what kind of ‘gift’ were you given that justified doing this to me!”


“The Envious one gave Bellflower the standard offering.” The fairy bounced up and down. “A plate of honey. Bellflower has the plate at home right now. Bellflower is looking forward to eating it. But she can not enjoy it until you miss the game. That is the contract.”


“So… My life is basically ruined now… Over honey?” Trixie couldn’t believe it. Somehow, there was someone worse out there than Donna.


“Honey is a most wonderful reward.” Bellflower giggled happily. “Bellflower like most pixies is a lover of sweets! And honey is her absolute favorite!”


“And you think that’s just ok!?” Trixie shouted, but paused suddenly as a thought occurred to her. “Wait… You like sweet things, as in things full of sugar?”


“Bellflower would think that, like many other things is obvious.” There was that condescending look again.


“So… What would you do if say… Someone tried to pay you with a sugar-free substitute of honey?” Trixie hoped this plan would work.


“Bellflower would be enraged!” The fairy’s face formed into a scowl. “Bellflower would be sure to return the insult for such insolence.”


“And you haven’t tasted the honey she gave you yet, right?” It looked like it was working. Yet, Trixie was almost scared to hope.


“No…” Bellflower seemed concerned. It was obvious what Trixie said was getting to her.


“If you snuck into my bag when we were talking, you would have heard what Donna said. She doesn’t use any sugar. It’s all sugar-free. I bet that honey is too.” Trixie hoped this got the reaction she wanted. She also hoped that Donna had in fact not decided to buy real honey for this one thing.


“NOOOOOOO!” Bellflower fell from the sky and landed with a thud on the bag. “Tricky one is lying! Playing a trick! Envious one would not dare! Would she?” The fairy looked uncertain. “Bellflower must leave you for a moment.” And in a flash of light she was gone.


“Shoot…” Trixie muttered. “Was really hoping she’d-“


“Bellflower has returned!” There was another flash of light and the fairy was right behind Trixie.


“CHEESE AND CRACKERS!” Trixie fell over. “Don’t do that.”


“It would seem Bellflower owes the Tricky one an apology. Tricky one has lived up to her name and seen through Envious one’s lies. Bellflower was given a hollow gift, and so Bellflower’s favor shall be revoked.”


“Does that mean…” Trixie couldn’t believe that this was actually working.


“Yes, Bellflower will return you to normal size.” The fairy nodded. “And then Bellflower will see that Envious one has a taste of her own medicine. We shall see how Envious one likes to miss her game.” The fairy snapped her fingers, and suddenly Trixie had a pair of wings coming from her own back and pointed ears.


“Seriously, what the heck!?” Trixie floated off the ground for a moment.


“Whoops! Wrong spell. Maybe next time.” Bellflower had a strange smile on her face as she snapped her fingers again. Trixie’s wings were gone and she fell to the locker, stumbling onto her feet. Then, slowly but surely, she started to get bigger in comparison to the fairy. “Well… That’s that. Now, Bellflower must be off, for Envious one must be taught of her errors.” Then with that, the faerie was gone in another flash of light.


And immediately, the locker started to feel a lot more cramped. Trixie was growing quickly.


“Uh oh…” Trixie quickly leaped from the locker without thinking. At this point, she was the size of an action figure, and that meant the distance down to the floor was still great. Luckily, she was still small enough not to be injured as she landed on her feet. From there she watched as the entire locker room began to shrink back to its normal size. After a few minutes she was normal again, and felt like she could breathe for the first time all night.


“Oh thank goodness..” Trixie sighed with relief. “Okay, I should get dressed and call Shelly to let her know and…” Trixie suddenly remembered that Shelly was in the middle of tracking down Donna. And she remembered the fairy’s rage and had a pretty good idea what was about to happen to Donna. “And I think there’s another update Shelly would be very interested in.” Donna grinned as she opened her bag and retrieved her cell phone.


The End


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