Thirteen Tales 2020: Whodunnit

$35 a Slot


Welcome to another year of Thirteen Tales! Though it being August it’s a bit early, but this year the tales are going to take a little bit of extra time and work to plan out so I am getting sign ups started early. Those who receive slots will not be billed until September.


But we’re going to be doing a couple things different this year.


First up, I will be conducting Thirteen Tales business entirely through e-mail. As a result, you are no longer required to have an FA account to sign up for Thirteen Tales, it is open to everyone on every site including my own personal website


(Note, that doesn’t mean you can’t contact me through other means of communication, I’ll be using e-mail to make initial contact but my FA notes, Twitter DMs, Discord and Telegram are always open. Discord or telegram might prove especially useful if you have a lot ideas you want to bounce around or need some help thinking up the scenario your victim will be in. Oh yes victims, about that…)


Now as for the other thing… This year’s theme as you can see from the title is Whodunnit.


This year, each person who signs up will be both a victim and a culprit.


For when you’re a transformation victim, your story will go as normal, a story with you or your OC as the main character where you suffer one or multiple transformations.


But, you’ll also be a culprit. While you get transformed in your story, you’ll be causing someone else’s transformation in their story. Note, you will not actually appear in the story, just have set in motion the events that cause the TF and determine what TFs the character gets hit by.


After all thirteen slots are filled I’ll match everyone to a victim and a culprit. I will then e-mail you to let you know who your victim is, what types of transformations they’re into and let you decide what they turn into and how.


Now, some of you might immediately go, but wait, my character is too nice to be the bad guy in someone else’s story. Well, being the culprit need not be the same thing as being a villain. You can have your character actively cause the change on purpose. Or you could have them cause the change on accident. Your character might not even be aware that they caused it. There are a number of ways to trigger curses, set off inventions, leave something in the wrong place… And of course, you can be more direct and forceful, because you’re feeling impish and want to play the villain, or maybe as a joke, or perhaps you think you’re ‘helping.’ There are a number of motives or reasons you could cause the transformation and a limitless number of ways in which you can cause them. So don’t worry, you don’t have to be a bad guy to sign up. Of course, you’re more than welcome to as well.


And on the transformations, when you pick out what you do, you need not limit it to just one thing. Usually, I work with transformation, shrinking and regression. You can use just one of them, or do a combination of them. It’s up to you.


Now, here’s the extra work for me which is why I’m opening early. For all thirteen slots (or however many participants we have) I need to match people with TF interests. Basically, if you for example hate age regression then don’t want to pair you with a culprit who absolutely 100% wants age regression to be part of their victim’s TF. As a result, I need time to match people up, get all thirteen slots prepped and outline the stories early. Note, while for the most part these are first come first serve, if I am unable to match you with a culprit or victim you may be skipped over. So for both the TFs you want, and TFs you want to inflict, the more options you give me the easier it is to find you a match.


And remember, once you have a match and everyone is set up I will contact you to let you know who your victim is so that you can then know who you’re transforming when you choose what to do to them. Please once you know this information keep it to yourself. After all, part of the fun is for the victims, and the people reading to try to figure out who did this to them, and the biggest clues they’re going to have is what type of transformation hit them, and how it went down. Try to think of who would choose to inflict this TF and go with this catalyst.


Thirteen Tales slots are $35 a piece this year. Each story will be at least 3,000 words long. As usual I will post the stories throughout the month trying to post the last one on Halloween. Then the next day on the first of November, I’ll upload a list of who was whose victim and you can see how many you guessed right, as well as who got you.


Now remember, even if the person is open to every kind of TF, I’m still the one writing this, and I am a little picky about what subjects I’ll work with. Quick rundown, no diapers, no macro, no latex/rubber/goo/pool toys, no TG, no snakes. You can find the full list in the terms and conditions at the bottom of the Thirteen Tales form.


If you’re interested in signing up this year, click the link in the description and it’ll take you right to the form to fill out.



Note for those who want multiple slots:

Because of the nature of the stories this year anyone who buys more than one slot can not use the same character in the same story. However, some people have several OCs and others may want to buy a slot as a surprise gift for a friend. You are allowed to buy more than one slot, but if we have more than thirteen people signed up I would rather give the slots to different people than say let one person buy three slots causing two people to be left out. But, if we don’t fill all thirteen slots then I’m willing to sale you as many as you want.




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