Stories by Calex

Terms of Service



Hey there and thanks for your interest in commissioning me! I just have a few quick rules I want to go over so you understand what it is I’ll be doing for you and what it is you’ll be getting! So let’s get started.



The Basics

You are commissioning me to write a story. When you first submission a commission request is is just that a request. Please note, submitting a request does not guarantee you a commission and is not a binding contract. I reserve the right to refuse any commissions that I am uncomfortable with or if my schedule just does not permit me to take on more work at the time. Until I have replied to you and we have sorted out all details and agreed on a price we have not reached an agreement. Up to that point you have the option to back out at anytime. Once we reach an agreement and I move forward with writing the rough draft you agree to be pay the agreed upon amount once the rough draft is finished.

Please please remember that you are agreeing to the word count you select at the time you make the commission. I will do my best to fit all the details you want into the word count you have selected for the story. Keep in mind that having a lot of extra scenes, characters or events will decrease the amount of detail that goes into each part to fit the word count. Once we have agreed on the final price for your commission I can not promise the story can be upgraded to a higher word count later. If you want an exceptionally longer story than what I usually offer I recommend breaking it down into chapters and commissioning them one at a time if you want a lot of extra details. Occasionally depending on my schedule I do have time to take on longer commissions or expand beyond your original word count for an upcharge but I can not promise those options will be available and more often than not they aren’t.



What I Write

Just a few notes about what I will and will not do! First and utmost! The highest rating I will write is PG-13. This means no erotica whatsoever. I apologize for this but trust me… I’m the wrong person to write that kind of stuff. It wouldn’t be very good. Next up.. I am aware that some of the things I write overlap with a few people’s fetishes… However I do not consider myself a fetish writer and the focus of the story will be the adventure and story! I’m good with things like age regression, transformation and shrinking and a lot of the stuff that comes with that, just keep in mind I want to keep the story flowing.

There are however a few fetishes I will not work with under any conditions. These include but are not limited to:


-Inanimate Transformations/Latex/Goo/Pool Toys

-Diapers, Wetting, or anything gross like that



-Vore, Gore, or heavy physical violence or abuse



Your Rights and Mine

Upon completing the story unless you have stated otherwise you agree that I maintain basic distribution rights for the story. This includes but is not limited to posting it in my online galleries and including in published anthologies. If you personally request it I will ensure it is not distributed.

You also maintain some distribution rights for the story. You may post the story in your own galleries as long as you credit me and link back to one of my galleries. You may also make minor revisions or alterations to the story as long as you note it has been modified. You however agree not publish or post the story for any form of profit without getting express permission from me.

If you are using preexisting characters for your stories such as your fursonas you maintain ownership of the copyright and I will only use the characters for the purpose of the story you have paid me to complete.

And that’s it! If you’re ready for a commission head on over to my commission request form!