Patreon reward for Zeelo featuring wereanimal. Calvin babysits Zeelo for a few days, and like most adults is stressed and tired. So Zeelo decides to make sure that Calvin is able to relax and have fun by converting him to a werekitten. Of course, werekittens are always getting into mischief, and with two werekittens something unexpected is bound to happen.


Mystery Egg patreon reward for Snowheart

As she’s the only patron at the mystery egg level now, she might be getting a story every month. XD

Snowheart is offered a probational scholarship at an esteemed school of magic. Should she show promise at the end of the week then it will be extended to a full scholarship. Things are going well, it’s the last day of the week, but then Snowheart finds a stolen book that puts her in a difficult position.