Welcome back to another night of Thirteen Tales with me, your host Dr. Callyco. Tonight, Charley receives a letter intended for a different address. When he tries to do a good deed and deliver the letter to its intended destination he uncovers a series of riddles and puzzles intended to lure him into some of game.


Five people find themselves stranded and stuck inside a spooky how that transforms them in various ways. Can they rid the house of the spirit that haunts it and escape?




The month continues and I Dr. Callyco both feel the need to insist on saying my name a lot and bringing you new tales. Tonight, our victim is Zeelo

It’s not uncommon to miss some of the things from childhood, and to be aware they’re gone forever. At least they should be. But, as Zeelo voices a wistful thought heard by the right stranger he might get more than he dreamed.