Odin and Calex decide to take a break and turn themselves into toddlers and enjoy some Saturday morning cartoons. Then Calex suggests they do more to celebrate Age Regression April, and after some prodding Odin turns them both into infants for the entire month. However, an unexpected visitor makes the situation a little complicated.


A bit of fanwork, me and a friend Arzure worked up. Arzure has a pichu character named Nelly that he was wanting to retool and had made an anthro design on. Meanwhile, I was working on a raichu design at the same time, decided to make them brothers and put them in a little anthro pokemon story universe. So here’s just a little tale with them.



The YCH story for Age Regression April. Special thank you to our main characters, Deven, Asriel, Zeelo, Sinopa and Lucia for participating in the auction and funding this story to feature their characters. Thank you so much! And now, enjoy an Apocalyptic Future, in which robotic Nannies threaten the entire world.

Another story set in the regressive world of Springtide. Two cats, Scratch and Calex find themselves reduced to four years old and on an adventure to an ancient temple in search of treasure.