Commission for Lockely. Most Switch City stories are patreon only, available to everyone who pledges $1 or higher, and at $5 or higher you get to have a character in the setting. After the most recent story, Lockely wanted a follow up, and so here we are. He tries to resolve some of the problems that occurred in the previous story.


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Another story set in the regressive world of Springtide. Two cats, Scratch and Calex find themselves reduced to four years old and on an adventure to an ancient temple in search of treasure.


Zeelo is a third grade magic student who brews potions on a fifth grade level! And he’s decided that he wants to brew a motion to turn himself into a weremouse. Why? Cause turning into a mouse for one night a month would be fun! But, it’s a complicated potion, and he might have more trouble than he thinks with the results.